Learn New Skills Through These Craft Workshops

Did you know that craft workshops were used as diversional therapy for the soldiers from World War I? It just goes to show that not only is craft a good way for anyone to learn new skills, but it’s also an effective source of relief.  

In a time when many people are quietly bearing a lot of stress, workshops are an effective remedy. If you have plenty of extra time on your clock, spend it wisely by doing something positive for yourself. Below, we’ve selected the most fun crafty workshops in Singapore that will help you learn new skills. 

All these workshops implement measures to keep the activities fun and safe at the same time. For individuals, always mind these safety tips whenever you go out.



Closed Terrarium Workshop

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If you’re looking for stress-relieving indoor plants to add to your room, create your garden in a jar that you can easily place on your table or shelf. In this closed terrarium workshop, you are completely in charge of how your mini-garden will look like. Even kids can learn how to do it!

Duration: 1 hour
Location: The Green Capsule, 107 North Bridge Road, #04-11, Singapore 179105

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Air Plant Greenwall Workshop

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Activate your green thumb by learning how to turn your room’s walls into amazing vertical gardens. In this air plant green wall workshop, you will acquire the secret to caring for and maintaining air plants. Then, you get to take home the little wood-framed air plant arrangement that you made to jump-start your very own green wall.

Duration: 1 hour
Location: The Green Capsule, 107 North Bridge Road, #04-11, Singapore 179105

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Pet Collar Workshop

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For fur-parents who want to make something special for their pet cat or dog, this pet collar workshop is the perfect activity. It is also a good way to get you started on leather crafts as you will learn basic skills like leather-cutting, burnishing, and tool-handling. You can also make the pet collar extra special by imprinting your furbaby’s name on it. Now, you can go out on dog-walking days with style! 

Duration: 2 hours
Location: Stone For Gold Leather Workshop, 141 Jalan Besar, #02-01, Singapore 208859

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Leathercraft Workshop

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If you want a leather accessory for yourself, jump into this leathercraft workshop. You can choose to make small accessories like a cardholder or key fob, or a Melanie bag for ladies. You get to choose the color of the leather and personalize your item by debossing or hot-stamping your name. The workshop space is conveniently located on the famous Haji Lane, so you can instantly parade your leather accessory on the bustling strip.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Location: Crafune, 38 Haji Lane, #02-01, Singapore 189231

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Mini Pottery Workshop

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Here’s a perfect activity with a romantic flair. In this mini pottery workshop, you can learn the delicate art of shaping and decorating clay. In one session, you can create up to three mini-pots that you can use to drink tea, store little trinkets, or even put small plants. The clay pots need to be cooked in the studio’s kiln for up to four weeks, so tourists on a short stay may opt to have their finished products shipped to their home country (with additional cost). 

Duration: 2.5 hours
Location: 475 Geylang Road, Singapore 389434

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Silversmithing Workshop

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If you’re looking for an activity with your friend or special someone or just want to have personalized accessories that can turn heads, this silversmithing workshop is for you. You get to infiltrate the world of a silversmith for a few hours and learn how to forge stunning jewelry using 925 sterling silver. For pairs, it’s a great bonding activity to create friendship or love tokens. You have the option to create a ring or a cuff.

Duration: 2 hours
Location: Fat Anvil Studios, 573A Balestier Road, Singapore 329888

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If you’re looking for more worthwhile activities, see all the unique experiences that await you in Singapore on KKday!


Words by Rei Leano
Featured image via KKday Supplier