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Go On A Food Trip Around The World In The Comfort Of Your Home Through The École Ducasse Online Culinary eXperience by Enderun Extension

Even months after the initial lockdown due to the pandemic, most of us remain largely homebound with very little to do, explore, and eat. So, why not take the opportunity to hone your skills in the kitchen? While international travel options may be limited, for now, nothing is stopping you from taking your taste buds on a journey of gastronomic delights. After all, part of the joys of roaming the world is getting a taste of local cuisine.

In partnership with renowned French culinary and pastry arts institute École Ducasse, Enderun Extension is offering the École Ducasse Online Culinary eXperience by Enderun that allows foodies to learn new recipes from far-flung places like Morocco and France. From learning videos to live Zoom sessions with École Ducasse Manila chefs, this online culinary experience is accomplished through Enderun Extension’s virtual platform. In a way, you get to experience the world without ever stepping out of your door!

Here are just five of the mouthwatering recipes you can learn to make through the École Ducasse Online Culinary eXperience by Enderun:



Char Siu Bao from Hong Kong 

via Enderun Extension

Char siu bao (steamed Chinese pork bun) is one of many must-try foods in the streets of Hong Kong. While it’s a popular comfort food that’s readily available in Asia, fluffy pork buns are best enjoyed freshly made and steaming hot. In this class, you’ll learn how to prepare this pastry favorite for family and friends. 

Live lecture on November 21, 2020.



Lamb Tagine from Morocco

via Enderun Extension

A Moroccan specialty, the lamb tagine is a delicious stew cooked in a variety of aromatic spices. While it is traditionally made in a tagine pot, home cooks who don’t own one can prepare this sumptuous dish with ease in the oven using a regular casserole. Find out tips and tricks on how to expertly whip up a lamb tagine that’s simmered to tender perfection.  

Live lecture on December 5, 2020.



Crêpes Suzette and Crème Brûlée from France

via Enderun Extension

Dine in refinement like the French with two of the country’s classic and most popular desserts: crêpes Suzette and crème brûlée. Crêpes Suzette is a yummy crêpe made with orange and orange liquor, while crème brûlée is an irresistible cacophony of flavors consisting of a rich custard base, caramelized sugar, and espresso powder. Master the creation of these delicate sweets to impress dinner guests at your next get-together.

Live lecture on December 12, 2020.



New York Cheesecake from New York, USA

via Enderun Extension

The New York-style cheesecake is an amazing (and addicting) dessert that’s popular all over the world, whether it’s at the end of a meal or paired with a strong cup of coffee. Get a taste of the Big Apple and discover the best baking techniques for the richest, creamiest, and most flavorful cheesecake you’ve ever tasted. 

Live lecture on January 9, 2021.



Sacher Torte from Vienna, Austria 

via Enderun Extension

The classic Austrian take on the good old chocolate cake is the luscious dessert you didn’t know you needed! It’s one of the most famous Viennese delicacies with each chocolate layer infused with whipped cream to make it extra moist, while apricot preserves give it a subtle yet distinct flavor. Take a bite of the sacher torte and find out why it’s one of the most famous types of chocolate cakes in history.

Live lecture scheduled on February 6, 2021.



Other recipes that are part of the École Ducasse Online Culinary eXperience by Enderun include Italian focaccia, sourdough donuts, Hainanese chicken rice, chicken fricassee, and salmon and seafood.



Three packages are available for each class: the Online Culinary eXperience (30-day video access, live lecture, and kit), Culinary ShortX (30-day video access and live lecture), and Video Access Only (30-day video access). For more information and online booking, click here.  



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Words by Celia Nachura
Featured image from Enderun Extension