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Work From Home Tips From Real Moms

If you are one of the millions of mothers who have traded office workstations for home offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are probably finding it challenging to navigate the changes to your daily routine and workflow. You have to balance the demands of work, parenting, and even your kids’ schooling during the lockdown. 

While this new reality can be overwhelming, remember: you are not alone. There are so many moms like you trying to balance work with raising a family and running a household. 

Through clever scheduling, a few ground rules, and some life hacks, seven moms have figured out how to manage their precious time. Take some tips and advice from these work-from-home mothers who keep their cool and stay productive. 


Let go

Accept that what you try to set up will not always be followed. For so many years, working from home almost killed me with anxiety. It was only when I started letting go that I finally regained peace of mind.

-Camyl B., 37



Know what’s important

You have to know what’s important. Sometimes some work thing has to slide so you can attend to an important family thing. Sometimes family things will have to wait while you work on an important deadline. And yes, it’s okay for the house to be a mess sometimes.

-Erika R., 35



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Communicate needs and concerns

Keeping in touch with your supervisor and communicating needs and concerns is a must. Planning ahead and making sure you have enough work to do from home is also key. Other issues that arise include connectivity: home bandwidth sometimes is not as efficient as work bandwidth, so you’ll have to adjust.

-Joyce C., 51



Manage your schedule

I’m lucky that my work is not for eight hours straight. In the morning, I help my eldest daughter with her online classes. After lunch, I spend time with my little one. When my youngest takes an afternoon nap, that’s when I do household chores, focus on my side hustle, or watch TV shows or a movie with my husband. At night, I work for two to three hours. 

-Lyza M., 35



Set boundaries

Set boundaries, know and follow your work hours, and practice discipline. Tell your family about your work schedule, so they will cooperate. Treat them with delivered food so they continue to cooperate. Make a to-do list that works. Most importantly, schedule some ‘me time’ and breaks in between work to maintain your sanity.

-Mae D., 41



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Outsource chores

Prioritize work- and school-related tasks. It’s okay if your house is messy. Deep clean every weekend, but maintain tidiness on weekdays. Outsource chores such as doing and folding laundry. On hectic days, order take out.

-Melissa D., 35




Practice self-care 

I’ve been religiously practicing self-care for years, and I’ve noticed that it was easy for me to navigate motherhood when I took more “time outs.” Read a book, get your nails done, call a friend, exercise, and meditate in the morning. I hope that moms will make it a priority to do some self-care activities because we really need some.

-Trish S., 30



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What are your favorite mommy time management tips? Share them with us in the comments!



Words by Carla Martinez-Tensuan
Featured image from Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels