Everything You Need To Know Before Experiencing AJ Hackett’s Extreme Sports in Sentosa

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

It’s thrilling to live life on the edge, even just for one day. You get to see the world from a different perspective—literally and figuratively—while feeling 101% alive. But some just don’t know where to start. 

Enter AJ Hackett Sentosa—a must-visit destination for heart-stopping adventures. This year, daredevils and thrill-seekers are in for a treat with another round of adrenaline rush from world-famous attractions. But before taking that leap of faith, dive into everything you need to know before experiencing AJ Hackett’s extreme sports:




In 1987, an entrepreneur from New Zealand named Alan John “AJ” Hackett illegally jumped from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, launching a bungy jumping revolution. Since then, 4 million people from different countries like Australia, China, Russia, and of course, Singapore pushed its limits through Hackett’s attractions. 


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Hackett’s location in Singapore is in Sentosa’s beautiful Siloso beach, the perfect place to create amazing experiences with friends and family. Standing 50 meters above the beach, you can experience bungy jumping… and enjoy freedom and adrenaline of safely flying through the air. 



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You can even opt to touch the warm water in the bungy pool below! KKDay offers the best discounts for your bungy jumping experience



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Here’s a unique way to bond with friends and family: two to three of you are strapped facing down via the Giant Swing, winched 40-meters above ground—the view of the Siloso Beach and the Singapore sunset are your backdrops. Then, you are suddenly instructed to pull the cord: your swing starts with a drop then your group swoops towards the horizon. You all hurtle towards the beach—lungs screaming—only stopping when you reach the apex. You swing a few more times, then be pulled to a halt. 


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This aerial adventure over the Sentosa coastline guarantees a memorable bonding experience, which you can get for a good deal at KKDay!



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The Skybridge is a new concept from AJ Hackett where you are urged to walk 47 meters above ground. The exposed bridge is created to allow people of ages to overcome their fear of heights. There are even see-through sections that can be a good challenge for your group. 



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Dare to step into the glass cube and see if your knees wouldn’t shake. 


Glass cube via KKDay Supplier
Glass cube via KKDay Supplier



No need for harnesses—walking the Skybridge is safe. Prices for this sky-walking adventure are made affordable on KKDay


Adventure is waiting for you! Fast-track your AJ Hackett Sentosa booking here!

Words by: Miguel Flores
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