Mayon and Beyond: 10 Best Experiences in Legazpi City

If you’re up for an adventure, look no further than Legazpi City. Against the backdrop of the picture-perfect Mayon Volcano, the rugged expanse of this city in Albay has transformed into the country’s top destination for fun and adventure.

But Legazpi and surrounding towns offer so much more than just an adrenaline-pumping experience. Whether you’re up for a thrilling ATV ride through rough terrain or you would rather spend a vacation indulging in gastronomic delights, a trip to Albay is one for the books.

Here are 10 of the most unforgettable experiences just waiting to be uncovered in Legazpi City.



Mount Mayon SkyDrive ATV Experience

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The perfectly cone-shaped Mount Mayon is a stunning sight from any point in Legazpi, but the best way to appreciate the volcano is up close on an ATV—just ask Zac Efron, who embarked on this exact activity when he visited Bicol in 2012!

Hop on an ATV for an exhilarating drive through flat plains, volcanic rocks, rice paddies, endless forests, and winding rivers. With eight different trails crisscrossing the foothills of the smoldering volcano, this adventure is perfect for travelers itching for a thrill.

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Snap Pictures at the Cagsawa Ruins 

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Another one of the top Albay tourist spots is Cagsawa Ruins Park, the abandoned remains of a Franciscan church built in the 16th century. While only a crumbling tower is left of the church, the historical site attracts plenty of tourists with its quiet beauty. Flex your photography skills with the centuries-old stone tower with Mayon Volcano peeking in the backdrop.



Enjoy Water Sports at Sumlang Lake

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Near the Cagsawa Ruins is another one of the must-visit attractions in Albay: Sumlang Lake. The ideal spot for a relaxing day outdoors with family and friends, the lakeside destination offers fun activities such as rafting, kayaking, and fishing. If you’d rather chill, Sumlang Lake is a quiet sanctuary with lush natural surroundings and a spectacular view of the volcano.



Explore Hidden Tunnels from WWII

With many historical monuments in Legazpi, the secret Japanese tunnels may slip past your radar. These decades-old tunnels, which used to be a lot longer, dates back to World War II when Japanese soldiers dug tunnels near to hide from Filipino and American troops. Now, travelers can crawl inside these narrow passageways to take a peek at Albay in the past.  



Get the Adrenaline Pumping at Lignon Hill Nature Park

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Among the exciting places to visit in Legazpi City is Lignon Hill Nature Park. Perched on top of the towering Lignon Hill, the park offers one of the best panoramic views of Mayon Volcano and the sprawling city. It’s also a must-visit for adrenaline junkies with plenty of activities to get the heart pumping such as ziplining, hiking, paintballing, and more.



Eat Your Way Through the City

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A food crawl is one of the best things to do in Legazpi, especially among tourists who love chili and coconut milk. Make your way through the city sampling famous Bicolano staples, such as Bicol Express (coconut milk stew), Laing (taro leaves cooked in coconut milk), and Puto Bukayo (rice cake with coconut filling). 

Some of the popular restaurants in the city include 1st Colonial Grill, Small Talk, and Bigg’s Diner. Enjoy savory street food along Legazpi Boulevard, a great place to unwind at the end of the day as the sun sets over beautiful Mayon.



Marvel at the Rugged Beauty of Quitinday Underground River

Puerto Princesa is famous for its underground river, but did you know that Albay has its own version of this magical haven?

Take a quick trip out of the city to explore the untamed beauty of Quitinday Underground River on a bamboo raft. Drift along the cool waters through a 150-meter cave and emerge at a picturesque gorge that’s perfect for cliff-jumping.



Encounter Different Species at Albay Park and Wildlife

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Bring the whole family for a fun day at Albay Park and Wildlife! The sprawling park is home to more than 300 animals from 75 species, including the Philippine hawk-eagle, Philippine deer, pythons, crocodiles, and even a tiger. Hop on a boat for a cruise at the lagoon, then relax and enjoy a picnic in a cottage for rent at this family-friendly Albay tourist spot.  



Say a Prayer at Daraga Church

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Unlike the Cagsawa Ruins, the 18th century Daraga Church has stood the test of time. To this day, tourists flock to the hilltop baroque church to marvel at the majestic façade. With its magnificent architecture and the scenic Mayon Volcano looming in the distance, Daraga Church is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the Philippines.



Celebrate Ibalong Festival with Locals 

Finally, mingle with revelers at the Ibalong Festival in August. While many festivals in the Philippines are religious celebrations, this Legazpi-based festival pays tribute to the bravery of three legendary heroes: Baltog, Handyong, and Bantong. From mouthwatering delicacies to epic dance parades, it’s a tradition that locals and tourists look forward to each year.



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Words by Celia Nachura
Photo via Shutterstock