Your Complete Guide To The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat In Ipoh

Other than beaches, Malaysia is rich with mountains and caves as part of the national treasures. Hidden approximately 20 minutes away from the city of Ipoh, the limestone caves of The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat have been standing proud for more than 400 million years. Undoubtedly, it promises a heavenly getaway with lush greeneries for its guests.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is Malaysia’s first luxury natural hot springs wellness resort. It offers a personalized holistic experience for ultimate relaxation and restoring overall well-being. In this all-natural paradise, you can find inspirational ideas, rekindle relationships, or even host weddings or events of your dreams. 

Besides known for its prominent geothermal hot springs, this sanctuary offers more than that. Let’s find out more about this place.



The Villas

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Enveloped by lush greeneries, there are 45 villas that are hidden from view. With respect to the land, only small numbers of villas make up the whole resort. It is to maintain its exclusivity as well as to minimize possible damage to the proximate land.

The villas are set in tranquil environments – either in a secluded tropical garden or by the banks of a water canal. Get your pick of three types of luxury villas:


Garden Villa

A spacious villa nestled in the middle of nature. This king-bedded villa comes with a private outdoor rain shower and a Jacuzzi hot tub with natural geothermal hot spring water as well as a private pool.


Water Villa 

Floating on the banks of a water canal, the Water Villa is perfect if you prefer a balcony to laze on while being surrounded by water. This king-bedded villa includes a private outdoor rain shower and a Jacuzzi hot tub with natural geothermal hot spring water as well as a private pool.


Lake Villa 

Lake Villa is the smallest villa available, located among lush foliage and calm waters that allow for peace and quiet. You can opt for twin beds or one king bed, and enjoy a private plunge pool as well as a hot tub with natural geothermal hot spring water.



The Hot Springs

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The Hot Spring Dipping Pools are perfect for relaxation and healing time for body, mind, and soul. Round tubs of open hot springs had been carefully constructed along the edge of a geothermal lake. There are three hot spring tubs with water temperatures ranging around 39°C to 42°C. 

In an attempt to blend in with the natural surroundings, raw materials such as tree branches were used to support rustic canopy as shelters. A dip in the hot springs will certainly rejuvenate your aching muscles and stressed joints whilst overlooking the lake. 



The Attractions

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Besides its famous geothermal hot springs, the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat also offers a variety of natural attractions. Located at the base of the hills, the resort is bordered on two sides by a connection of caves. Only with modest enhancements of subtle lighting and guide rails, the natural limestone caves are converted into luxurious havens.


Meditation Cave

The Meditation Cave is a dedicated area for guests to meditate in a Zen ambiance. Furnished with simple seating, it is the ultimate place for seclusion to focus the mind in silence and finding inner peace. 


Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave is a much smaller space compared to the Meditation Cave. It is sparkled with amethyst and quartz crystal. It is used for crystal healing treatment like Reiki, perfect for fans of crystal healing. 


Thermal Steam Cave

This natural sauna was made to be people-friendly. A platform was installed, overlooking the pristine hot springs with temperatures ranging between 65°C to 70°C. 


Garra Rufa Doctor Fish Pool 

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Don’t miss the opportunity to have your feet cleansed in the fish pool. It contains the exotic red Garra fish, known for their ability to nibble on the dead skin cells of people’s feet. It provides an organic exfoliation as well as foot reflexology as it stimulates therapeutic massage of the bare feet. 



The Dining 

During your stay at the resort, you certainly must try the unique experience of fine dining in the ethereal surroundings of a cave. 



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As the resort’s all-day dining restaurant, Pomelo serves delicacies of Asian and Western cuisines with local touches, prepared by a well-known local chef. Other than delicious meals, it also offers customized menus for the health-conscious


Jeff’s Cellar

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A restaurant built into one of the caves, one must not miss dining at least once at Jeff’s Cellar. As you walk further into the cave, there is a grand chamber furnished with lounges and low tables where you can enjoy pre-dinner cocktails as you wait for your table to be ready. Later, you can enjoy your meal with a spectacular view of the stalactites hanging overhead.


Sky Bar 

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Sky Bar is a relaxed cave setting converted into a lounge and bar. You can enjoy a beverage of your choice in the beautiful surroundings, or even stargaze here at night.



Booking Your Stay at the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

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Visit the beautiful Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat and pamper yourself with therapeutic treatments surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes. Book a stay at The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat now and get a special price here!


Words by Fatihah MSabri
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