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Get the Job: How to Ace That Online Interview

Some silver lining: The government projects that more jobs are going to be offered in the coming weeks as the Philippines gradually reopens the economy. As hiring process is expected to be in full swing, almost all companies now have adapted to the new normal, and prefer to conduct job interviews virtually than the traditional face-to-face. But experts at human resources warn: standard rules still apply. 

Here are fool-proof tips to ace that online interview:



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  • Don’t slack off on your appearance. Always take into consideration the company’s typical attire and dress one notch above it. If the workplace has a devil-may-care attitude when it comes to clothing, overdress. Put on a polo, blazer, and accessories. Style your hair. Make sure to wear solid and plain colors, as stripes and complex patterns can look bad on video.


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  • Use a fixed camera. Not the selfie-style cam on your phone. Use your laptop or tablet, and make sure it’s fixed on a desk or a tripod.


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  • Remove distractions. Kill your phone, mute your TV, inform everyone at home that you’ll be in an online interview, and can’t be disturbed at the moment. The last thing you want is to lose your train of thought. 


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  • Prepare, prepare, prepare. At least two hours before the interview, eat a heavy meal, paired with Basilio Ground Coffee to make you alert. Review all your answers, make bullet points of your past achievements, and make sure to impress your interviewer with your skills and knowledge of your industry. A little rehearsal won’t hurt. Research standard job interview questions (What are your strengths, weaknesses, etc) and how you will respond. A rehearsal allows for problems to be identified and addressed.


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  • Ensure software compatibility and internet speed. Ask your interviewer beforehand what software you will use. Zoom? Google Hangout? Skype? Create an account and download it. Perform a speed test on your wireless connection and make sure it can support the demands of your virtual call software. 
  • Find a neutral backdrop. Careful attention to your background is absolutely crucial. A messy room with an untidy bed speaks volumes of an applicant’s response to discipline and responsibility. It’s unprofessional and distracting. Don’t sit right up against the wall, but allow at least 3 feet between the back of your head and the wall so you will look more confident with space. If you’re having second thoughts with your backdrop, feel free to look for presentable backgrounds online.
  • Fix your lighting. Make sure the interviewer sees your face clearly. Get plenty of light so it won’t look like you’re cowering in the dark. Avoid fluorescent light bulbs and direct backlighting (e.g. a window behind you). 
  • Wear earphones with built-in microphone. Appearance, check. Software and internet speed, check. Audio… error! It’s an absolute nightmare if the interviewer won’t hear your achievements and the A-game that you’ll bring the company. Make sure you can hear the interviewer well (as it is embarrassing to ask him/her to repeat questions), and the interviewer can hear you.


Put to heart these reminders and you’ll ace that interview! Stay alert with a cup of coffee made from the best beans in the Philippines, only available at KKDay.


Words by Miguel Flores
Featured image from Pexels