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5 Tips On How to Start Your Online Food Business

With many people now preferring to get food delivery service in order to stay safe at home, starting an online food business is a great way to earn some extra income these days. Now that social media is at your disposal and almost everyone has turned to the convenience of buying food online, turning your passion for cooking or baking into an online side hustle is a lot easier than before. Besides, in these uncertain times, having multiple sources of income definitely wouldn’t hurt.

But before you launch your next culinary brainchild, it’s important to note that like all other business ventures, an online food business also needs careful planning and research. Be sure that this is a risk you’re willing to jump on. 

To help you get started, we’ve created a list of tips on how to start your online food business:



Find your niche. 

Competition is extremely tough nowadays. Before launching your food business, ask yourself these questions: what kind of food do I want to sell? What makes my food different from the others? Regardless of the type of food that you’re planning to make  — may it be bread, pastries, or ready-to-eat meals — you have to establish your unique selling point and find your market. Keep in mind that aside from its convenience, people are also buying food online to try out new food experiences. 



Research about current food trends. 

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After you’ve established what food you want to sell, your next step is to research what food concept currently sells the most in the market. Make time to research about food trends and their profitability. Get ahead on the next big thing in the food & beverage industry to enjoy product novelty and to become among the firsts to introduce this product in the market.



Invest in your product labeling and packaging. 

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Your meal preparation is extremely important and so is your product labeling and packaging. In the age where everyone places a big value on Instagram-worthy places and things, it’s better to invest in a good product labeling and packaging that will surely leave an impression on your customers. Make sure to choose a witty yet short brand name too that encompasses what kind of products you are selling.



Establish a strong social media presence. 

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Social media is a visual platform. Aside from creating a page on Facebook and Instagram respectively, you can boost your social media presence by posting creative and mouth-watering shots of your food. Sharing the story behind each product is also another way to entice your audience.



Use testimonials to endorse your online business. 

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Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth when it comes to promoting your business. Let’s be real: when shopping for devices online, you’re more likely to buy from a store that received a lot of reviews than from one that had none at all. 

The same case applies to your online food business. Once you’ve started selling your products, make an effort to politely request for feedback or reviews from your customers, then ask them if you can share their feedback on your pages. Screenshots of testimonials from satisfied customers will help others know more about your brand and entice them to try your products.

And if the feedback wasn’t so positive? Don’t be discouraged! Don’t take it personally; understand where they’re coming from as you might learn a thing or two from their thoughts and use it to improve your business. 



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Words by Angela Ayson
Featured image from Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash