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10 Of The Best K-Pop Tracks You Can Workout To

Can’t go outside for a daily run or don’t feel like hitting the gym in the new normal? There are plenty of ways to break a sweat at home. If you’re the type who enjoys dance as a workout or are in need of fun ways to get your body moving and perspiring, this K-Pop workout playlist is definitely for you! 

From BLACKPINK’s refreshing concept to Stray Kids’ iron-pounding hip-hop beats, K-pop boasts a wide range of songs suitable for workouts. Here, we list down 10 of the best K-pop songs that will get your workout sesh more entertaining and pumped than ever.




GOD’S MENU (Stray Kids) 



Whether you’re pushing it on the treadmill or doing endurance-building exercises, ‘God’s Menu’ by Stray Kids is the track with an extra kick to help you keep pumping.

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HERO (Monsta X) 



Is just it me or intense hip-hop like Monsta X’s ‘Hero’ and weight lifting are like THE perfect pair? The song features intense beats mixed with exotic influences that practically force you to move your body. 







If you’re looking for a girl-power anthem that will make you inspired with arm toning routines, ‘Wannabe’ is the ideal song to keep you pumped up.







Looking for the motivation to move and sweat a little? Why not try fun dance workouts? Fulfill your K-pop star dreams and get your groove on to BTS’ chart-topping single “Dynamite”.

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HIT or high-intensity interval training is usually fast and an ideal workout for someone with a busy schedule. Partner your HIIT workout with a powerful dance track from SEVENTEEN that would make you breathless from start to finish.

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NUNU NANA (Jessi) 



What’s the fastest way to a stronger and curvier buttock? It’s squats. And if there is a perfect kick-ass lower-body track to add to your K-Pop workout playlist, it’s this. 







Morning stretches are a great way to awaken your muscles and get them ready for the day. BLACKPINK’S ‘Ice Cream’ is a refreshing track that will lift your spirit and motivate you to keep going.

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PSYCHO (Red Velvet) 



‘Psycho’ has a slow yet sophisticated tune that keeps your body constantly moving. It’s a great track to add to your K-pop playlist while bending and folding your body naturally into poses.







The great thing about dancing? It’s an effective form of exercise to move while having a good time. Make it even more fun by blasting Seventeen’s “Left and Right” and film your workout à la TikTok challenge.







The powerful hip-hop rhythm of Hard Carry sends adrenaline straight to your veins and is a perfect track for weight training. 



Got any more K-Pop workout tracks to share with us? Let us know! In the meantime, munch on these yummy and healthy snacks after your workout.



Words by Hannah Viray
Featured image from Pledis Entertainment/Big Hit Labels