Everything You Need To Know About Traveling To Baguio In The New Normal—UPDATED 2021

If you’re missing the land of sweet-smelling pines and strawberries, now is the ideal time to start planning your next trip to Baguio City. Travelers of all ages from Luzon are now welcome to visit the Summer Capital, whether for day trips or longer vacations. Finally, you can begin scratching the travel itch that’s been plaguing so many jet-setters since 2020. 

Do keep in mind that there are strict travel guidelines for Baguio that tourists are required to follow. Luckily, the process is easier than many people think. Here, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about traveling to the City of Pines in 2021.



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A Step-By-Step Guide To Baguio City Travel Protocols and Requirements 

Step 1: Sign up for a Baguio VISITA online account

Baguio VISITA is an online portal where tourists can schedule a visit to the city and submit requirements. It’s also a good place to browse DOT-accredited accommodations and tour providers available and their contact details. To create a new account, guests are required to upload a current photo and valid ID. Don’t fret about costs—registration and scheduling trips are free!



Step 2: Schedule a visit online 

Scheduling a visit to Baguio through the VISITA website is as easy as making any online booking. Simply select your travel dates, accommodation details, and tour or travel agent details (if applicable). Book these hotels, hostels, and tours ahead of time to avoid submitting inaccurate information. Tourists may also opt to stay in a relative’s or friend’s residence given that they provide the address and contact details of the contact person.



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Step 3: Get tested (RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen) 

Travelers over 18 years of age must take an RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen COVID-19 test when visiting Baguio City. The test may be taken before the trip as long as it is within 72 hours prior to travel. You can schedule the trip on the website earlier, then upload the test results later once you’ve gotten tested 72 hours before your scheduled trip. Bring a copy of the COVID-19 test results or testing form at the triage. 

Another option is to get tested upon arrival at the triage. Make sure you download and fill out the testing form, and then bring a hard copy to the triage.

Book a home service RT-PCR test or a home service Rapid Antigen test online for utmost convenience.



Step 4: Wait for the confirmation e-mail and QR-coded Tourist Pass (QTP)

After scheduling a visit, it’s as simple as waiting for a confirmation e-mail back, which will include your personal QTP. The QTP will be used for digital check-ins in all establishments and tourist sites during your visit. Keep it on hand at all times for entry to hotels, attractions, and checkpoints. 

Baguio travel requests must be verified and approved by 10:00 PM the day before the travel date. The city has a strict “No QTP, No Travel” rule, so make sure you schedule your trips early for a smooth and hassle-free journey to Baguio.

While it takes a little more time and effort to take a trip to Baguio in the New Normal, it’s only a couple of extra steps for your (and everyone else’s) safety and protection. Plus, spending a few days basking in the cool climes of the mountain city is definitely worth the effort.



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When You Get To Baguio 

The first stop upon arrival in Baguio is the triage at Baguio Convention Center. Here, you’ll be asked to show your QTP again before you can proceed to your accommodations in the city. Hotel check-in will be electronic via QTP as well. 

While it’s important to enjoy your much-awaited Baguio vacation, it’s just as important to be a responsible tourist and observe local health and safety guidelines. Besides always keeping your QTP near you, tourists are urged to wear face masks and face shields in public spaces. Physical distancing is also encouraged. And of course, wash or sanitize your hands regularly! 

Visit the official Baguio Tourism Facebook page for more news and updates.

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