Everything You Need To Know About Traveling To Baguio In The New Normal—UPDATED 2021

If you’re missing the land of sweet-smelling pines and strawberries, now is the ideal time to start planning your next trip to Baguio City. In line with new nationwide travel guidelines, the mountain city recently relaxed its protocols with local tourists no longer required to present a COVID-19 test result before visiting Baguio. And just in time for summer 2021, travelers from the entire country of all ages are now welcome to visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Do keep in mind that there are still travel guidelines for Baguio that tourists are expected to follow. But now, the process is much faster, easier, and cheaper. If you’re planning a road trip to the City of Pines soon, here’s a quick guide on traveling to Baguio in 2021.



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A Quick Guide to Baguio City’s Travel Protocols

Step 1: Schedule your visit on Baguio VISITA


Travelers visiting Baguio are still required to register their trip at Baguio VISITA. If it’s your first time using the online portal, sign up for an account with a valid ID and current photo. Minors can use the ID of a parent or guardian. 

Then, register your planned visit to Baguio online. This includes providing details of your trip, including the dates of travel, place of origin, transportation, accommodations, travel agent (if applicable), and purpose of travel. It’s best to be as accurate as possible with travel details to ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip. If you’re unsure about where to stay, go on the website for a list of DOT-accredited accommodations in Baguio.



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Step 2: Receive your QTP 

After scheduling a trip on Baguio VISITA, you should receive a confirmation e-mail with a QR-Coded Tourist Pass (QTP). Print or save the QTP on your device (or both) as this is your personal digital ticket in establishments and tourist spots during your entire visit. Keep it on hand at all times for entry to hotels, restaurants, shops, and other attractions.

Make sure you register at least one day before your scheduled trip to Baguio to ensure you receive your confirmation and QTP on time. Visit the official Baguio Tourism Facebook page for news, updates, and more information.



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Step 3: Proceed to triage upon arrival

While COVID-19 test results are no longer required, the first stop for tourists upon arriving in Baguio is still the triage at Baguio Convention Center. Here, tourists must present their QTP for verification. Visitors with coronavirus symptoms may need to take an RT-PCR test and remain quarantined while awaiting test results. 

Travelers who are cleared at the triage may proceed to their hotels and kick off their much-awaited Baguio getaway. Many Baguio attractions are now open to tourists, whether you’re planning to visit art museums, parks, or other famous sights in the city. If you want to experience tourist spots outside the city center, join a Baguio Half Day Tour to the Countryside that will take you to the strawberry fields of La Trinidad and the Easter Weaving Room.



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These new Baguio regulations come as the Inter-agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) loosens the travel restrictions on domestic tourists nationwide. Negative RT-PCR tests are no longer a requirement in entering a new province or city, although local government units of destinations may still require testing. Mandatory quarantine periods and health certificates are also no longer required.

However, tourists going to Baguio are advised to check with their accommodation, transportation, and tourism providers on their specific rules on testing and age requirements. Additionally, travel regulations may have eased up in Baguio but health protocols are still in effect. Throughout the city, face masks, face shields, and social distancing are required, so make sure you have all the safety essentials packed before whisking off to the mountain city.

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