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7 Easy Self-Care Practices That Will Improve Your Wellbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we livefrom our daily work rhythm to our social lives. And in these uncertain times, it is not unusual to feel tense and stressed out, so if there has ever been a time to take better care of ourselves, it is now. With all the anxiety that the current crisis has brought us, you should not feel bad for doing things that would make you happy, or, at least, keep you sane. 

We rounded up some easy self-care habits that you can include in your daily routine:



Move it!

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Take care of your body by being physically active with breathing exercises and stretching. Think of taking the stairs or marching in place as the exercise snack. Since it’s not ideal to go to gyms, go online with home-based programs that can be done with little or no equipment.



Reach for healthy snacks

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Many of us love to snack! Consuming snacks between meals can curb hunger so that you don’t overeat during your next meal. Keep your snacks simple and nutritious, like these guilt-free snacks for a happier and healthier you. 



Write in a journal

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Write about your experiences like your thoughts, feelings, what you’ve done, or just anything! It can be quite therapeutic and a great memory to look back on after we overcome this pandemic. You can also reminisce about your past travels by chronicling them in a travel journal as you look forward to more adventures, hopefully, in the near future. 



Embrace a hobby 

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Make time for hobbies that make you happy. Spend time reading, writing, baking, cooking, decluttering, painting— whatever that brings you joy. If you like to cook, plan out your meals, and cook healthy dishes for yourself and your family. Doing something with your hands can be a great release in times like this. Just remember to keep your hands clean and germ-free. 



Get more quality sleep

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When it comes to taking care of yourself, sleep is pretty much always part of the answer. It supports your immune system and overall well-being. Try to aim for 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep and avoid the urge to stay up all-night binge-watching your favorite series. 



Take care of your skin

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Give your skin some extra love. Imagine removing all the negativity and germs away, as you wash your face. Replenish your skin with nutrients and vitamins, think of how you’re giving back to yourself. Check out our must-have skincare and face products from Snoe Beauty, which you can get now on KKday




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Give time and space to take care of yourself. Do a breathing practice regularly to start or end your day in a positive way. Meditation apps such as Calm, have free web-based resources that will guide you along.



We find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic wherein we are adapting to so many changes at once. Self-care should be about you. Make your self-care habits happen in small yet meaningful ways. Remember to be kind to yourself because just like happiness, self-care looks different for everyone. 



Share your favorite self-care habits with us!



Words by: Hannah Viray
Featured image by: Jess Bailey on Unsplash