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5 New Normal Essentials You Should Always Have While You’re On The Go

With the pandemic throwing everyone off their feet, gone are the old practices that you’ve been used to pre-lockdown. Local and international travel restrictions are now starting to get lifted up to help the country’s economy, but this doesn’t mean it’s now completely safe to travel again. As you slowly step back into the outside world and learn to live with the “new normal”, new habits must be formed and practiced to protect yourself from COVID-19.

Whether you’re traveling for work or simply looking into having a quick getaway in nearby places to give yourself a break, here’s a checklist of new normal essentials that you must bring with you wherever you go so you can stay safe and protected at all times!



Face Masks

via Vera Davidova on Unsplash

We cannot emphasize the importance of this enough: face masks are the public’s first layer of protection against coronavirus. By wearing a face mask, you don’t only protect yourself from exposure to the virus, you also protect others as the mask prevents you from expelling droplets that can be generated from breathing, coughing, and sneezing. Don’t forget to bring a spare or two especially when you’re traveling for days. 

Keep yourself safe while staying comfy and stylish with this SG United Reusable Mask, which has a slot for disposable filter and allows a good balance of breathability and protection! Or, stock up on these medical grade face masks that you can have delivered to your home!



Rubbing Alcohol and Hand Sanitizer

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Washing your hands regularly is still the best way to go to keep yourself protected from coronavirus but you may not always have access to a sink with soap & water while traveling. Make it a point to always carry a bottle of hand sanitizer or alcohol spray with you as these new normal travel essentials can help eliminate harmful germs and bacteria on your hands and items.



Face Shield 

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With the government expanding its mandatory rule of the wearing of face shields in public places, face shields should always be in your checklist of top must-haves before stepping out of the house. In fact, most shopping malls and supermarkets enforce a no-face mask & no-face shield, no-entry policy. Face shields bring you an additional layer of protection by covering your whole face including your eyes, ears, and chin.



Wet Wipes

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It goes without saying that while it’s not advisable to hold onto surfaces or items that have been touched by strangers, this is inevitable whenever you’re in public establishments. Aside from including wet wipes in your new normal home essentials for disinfection, form a habit of carrying a pack too in your bag when you step out of the house. For example, you can use wet wipes to disinfect and wipe down the handle of a shopping cart that has been undoubtedly used earlier before you came to the grocery store.



Personal Cutlery 

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While everyone is still encouraged to stay at home and order takeouts or delivery, there’s no denying that staying at home for this long can give anyone cabin fever. Aside from satisfying your cravings, dining out can actually give you a semblance of “normal” but it comes with plenty of risks too. Many restaurants hand out disposable cutlery but better be safe than sorry by bringing your own set of personal cutlery with you. 


What else do you include in your new normal essentials kit? Let us know in the comments below!



Words by: Angela Ayson
Image by: Bára Buri on Unsplash