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Tips on How to Fight Work From Home Burnout

With the pandemic looming over our heads for the most part of our year, a lot of people in the workforce are now experiencing one of the most significant changes in their lifetime (yes, we are that dramatic about it)⎼working from home. For the unforeseeable future. Until the vaccine arrives, that is.

We are now given more time. Or not. Many say that working from home is both a blessing and a curse. Guess it goes both ways, depending on how we manage our time. And so, how do we steer clear of the curse that is work from home burnout?

Here are some tips we came up with to sail you through this dreaded dilemma:


Set a structure to your day

via Tina Dawson on Unsplash

It may be tough to establish a daily routine during this period of uncertainty, but try anyway. Wake up. Take a bath. Have breakfast. Start work. In any order you like, really. Just make sure to stick to it daily.



Take short breaks

via Drew Coffman on Unsplash

Just because you’re home, doesn’t mean you’re no longer entitled to sweet breaks every now and then. Walk around the house or in your backyard. Stand up. Stretch your arms and legs. Play with your dog or cat. Take a power nap, even! Refreshing your mind and resting your eyes every now and then prove to be beneficial to one’s overall efficiency. 



Eat on time

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And eat healthy! Keep hearty snacks near to fuel you up and get your engine running to boost your productivity. And, don’t forget to take a proper lunch break!



Set up a workspace

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Give yourself the impression of working in an office by designating a fixed workspace in your house (not in your bed). Unleash your creative side by arranging and decorating your workspace however you like. Your space, your rules!



Avoid distractions

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There are a lot of distractions in your home that can get in the way of productivity. Clear your workspace from clutter, wear noise-canceling headphones, and try your best not to sift through your social media feed when you’re not on your break. 



Play music that you love to boost your mood

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They say music is food for the soul, and it’s true! Liven up your work mood by playing some of your favorite tunes. Keep the volume to a minimum, though. You’re not playing them for a house dance party!



Take vacation leaves

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Let’s get real here: We can’t really travel as far and as much as we used to, but use your vacation leaves anyway! Take a day off from work even for just a day. Spend it doing things you love. Maybe, catch up on your favorite TV show or read that book that’s long been sitting on your shelf. Perhaps, acquire a new hobby or cook a meal for the entire family! It’s all up to you!



Don’t render unnecessary overtimes

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You may be working from home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep working. Set healthy boundaries and balance your work and personal life. At the end of the day, your health should be your top priority.


We all have to help ourselves in this trying time. Find ways to keep your mental health in a good place. Read some self-help blogs or books, plan your next vacation thru (for when it is safe, of course!), treat yourself to good food like this basque burnt cheesecake, spend time with your loved ones when you can, the list goes on! Stay safe and happy, everyone!



Words by: Sheila Llanto
Featured image by: Windows on Unsplash