You Can Now Use Your KKday Points As Shopping Cash For Your Future Purchases!

Got a lot of KKday points stored in your account but couldn’t seem to put them into use? Well, we’ve got some great news for you: From today onwards, you can finally convert your KKday points into shopping cash for your future purchases on the website or app!

Whether it’s a snack box filled with goodies from Taiwan or a ticket to Universal Studios Japan, you may spend your converted points on your order, given that you have at least 50 KKday Points and that your purchase is not under 1 USD.

Read up to find out how to use KKday Points to redeem this new feature: 


Rules of using KKday points as Shopping Cash:

  • 1 KKday Point = 0.005 USD (i.e. 50 KKday Points = 0.25 USD)
  • You must have a minimum of 50 KKday points to be able to convert them into shopping cash.
  • This program is applicable to all KKday Products except for purchases under 1 USD
  • You may use your KKday Points shopping cash simultaneously with a KKday discount coupon.
  • When issuing a refund, KKday will process the KKday Points reversal first. 

For more information about KKday Points, click here.



How to use your KKday Points as Shopping Cash:

  1. Visit the KKday website on your PC or the KKday app using your mobile device.KKday Homepage
    KKday App Main Screen
  2. Search for the product you wish to purchase.KKday website product filter list
    App product filter list
  3. Open the product page.Main Product Page
    App Product screen
  4. If you are booking through the website, set your package preferences including the date of your visit under Package Options. If you are booking through the App, select Book Now, and apply the same settings.product date filter
  5. On the Payment page, make sure you check on the KKday Points feature to activate your discount.KKday points feature
  6. Review your information before proceeding to Checkout.
  7. View your order confirmation.

Excited to use your KKday Points? What will be your first purchase?