Vacation In The Time Of COVID-19: Safest Getaways You Can Take During The Pandemic

With a pandemic sweeping the globe in total chaos for months now, everybody just wants to get away from it all and enjoy a darn good break. 

But let’s get real here for a moment—making an escape isn’t as easy as it used to be, and nowhere just seems to be safe these days. In fact, stepping out of your house is already risky as it is. However, there are some getaways you can try that are considerably safer than usual vacation options in the past should you choose to leave home for a quick holiday. Here are some of them:



Book a hotel staycation.

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Staying in a hotel may sound like a daunting idea during this time. After all, you will be sleeping in a room previously occupied by total strangers. (Eek!) But having a hotel staycation is the most feasible vacation you can take, especially if you live in the city. So if this is something you are willing to try, make sure to check if the property you chose has imposed and continues to implement stringent safety measures for the best experience of every guest.  

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Rent a remote vacation home with rigorous cleaning measures. 

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An even safer option than staying in a hotel is renting a vacation home, particularly those situated in remote areas since it has fewer person-to-person interactions. It also allows for the ease of communication with the property’s owner, so discuss the disinfection routines they practice to guarantee your safe stay. 

Moreover, if you’re booking a stay on Airbnb, you can check if the host is part of the platform’s new Enhanced Clean initiative, which is developed in partnership with leading experts in hospitality and medical hygiene. Perhaps, that will give you some peace of mind.



Try glamping.

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Glamping isn’t new. But it sure is among the emerging travel trends during the pandemic for all good reasons. It’s a socially distant activity. It gives you the chance to commune with nature. And it doesn’t require you to let go of creature comforts to experience it. It’s arguably the best way to enjoy a change of scenery alone or with a few special people all the while keeping a good distance from others.

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Go on a road trip.

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If you miss breathing in the fresh breeze, how about going for a drive? Fill up your tank, bring some snacks, play some music, and wind the windows down once you reach a distant location and just let the wind blow through your hair. Don’t forget to pack some face masks for when you make pit stops or when you talk to people along the way.



Are you willing to take a vacation during the pandemic? 



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