K-Dramas That Will Turn You Into A Crying Mess

Sometimes, you just want a good cry, but couldn’t quite bring yourself to do it. So what better excuse than watching a weepy and sad Korean drama? Here, we round up five of the saddest K-Dramas we have watched in our entire fangirl lives. Grab a box of tissues (or more) for some serious waterworks. 



Stairway To Heaven

Stairway to Heaven via SBS

Let’s start with a classic favorite—Stairway to Heaven gives us a glimpse into the love story of childhood friends Song Joo (Kwon Sang Woo) and Jung Seo (Choi Ji Woo), who are separated as young adults when Song Joo had to study abroad as the sole heir of a multi-national corporation. However, upon his return to Korea, Jung Seo is met with a tragic accident that will change everything they’ve known about each other. 



Star Of The Universe

Star of the Universe via MBC

Made up of only three short episodes, Star of the Universe, which is part of the Three Colors Fantasy trilogy, will give you an impression watching a movie. But even in its short run, it packs all the feels. It follows the story of Byul (Ji Woo), a young grim reaper who happens to be the biggest fan of Woo Joo (EXO’s Suho), a singer who’s on the brink of losing his popularity. She eventually finds out that Woo Joo will “go up” soon. As a grim reaper, she’s faced with the dilemma of taking him or saving him.



Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata via KBS

Another classic on our list, Winter Sonata was such a huge hit, it pushed Nami Island to erect character statues within the park. Regarded as one of the main contributors to the Korean wave in the early 2000s, this drama is all about first love and loss—just the perfect ingredients for the perfect weepy show. It also stars Choi Ji Woo and Bae Yong Joon as the star-crossed lovers Jung Yoo Jin and Kang Jun Sang/Lee Min Hyung. 



Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill Me, Heal Me via MBC

A melodrama with a psychological twist, Kill Me Heal Me tells the story of a businessman named Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) who struggles with his 7 personalities—a result of his dissociative identity disorder. He then crosses paths with Oh Ri Jin (Hwan Jung Eum), a psychiatric resident who tries to help him regain control over his life, but in secret.  



The Light In Your Eyes

The Light In Your Eyes via JTBC

A woman in her 20s (Han Ji Min) with the ability to travel through time loses her youth after replaying one day over and over to save a loved one. Now, she has to live through her life with the body of a 70-year-old lady (Kim Hye Ja), which becomes a challenge when charming the boy she likes (Nam Joo Hyuk). Stick for the warm laughs and hearty cries. This drama just knows how to hit those tear ducts. 



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*Featured image via JTBC