Travel Through Time With Doraemon On Universal Studios Japan’s Upcoming VR Roller Coaster Ride

The release of Japan’s much-anticipated animated movie “Stand By Me Doraemon 2” may have been put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that wouldn’t stop Universal Studios Japan from stirring excitement over the 3-D CG film. 

As a companion to the feature film, the world-class theme park in Osaka, which reopened last month, is set to open the world’s first Doraemon ride ever on 4 August.

Scheduled to run until 6 January next year, the ride inspired by the film is a virtual reality (VR) roller coaster that makes use of state-of-the-art VR technology with spectacular visual effects. 

The jaw-dropping graphics of the attraction are designed to spread right before your eyes, giving you the impression that you are time-traveling with Nobita and his trusty blue robot feline friend Doraemon. 

The ride itself is created under the supervision of Ryuichi Yagi and Takashi Yamazaki, the directors of the original film, and will have an entirely different plotline that’s supposed to be a prologue of “Stand By Me Doraemon 2.” In fact, the story might even give you a special glimpse into Nobita and Shizuka’s wedding in the future! *wink, wink* 

For the attraction, park guests will be wearing VR goggles and hop aboard a “time scooter” for a thrilling ride unlike any other!

Due to the stringent health and safety measures of Japan’s theme parks, the VR goggles and rides will be sanitized after each use. Guests are also expected to practice social distancing while queueing and are required to wear face masks throughout their visit. 

For more information on Universal Studios Japan’s health and safety protocols, click here.



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*Featured image courtesy of Universal Studios Japan