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Yummy And Guilt-Free Snacks For A Happier And Healthier You

Now, more than ever, health has become everyone’s topmost priority. From acquiring a new diet plan to trying out new exercise routines, many of us have made radical changes in our lifestyles to live healthier and, of course, happier!

A common misconception about healthy living, though, is letting go of the “good stuff” and just consuming bland, tasteless food. Wrong! You can still enjoy delicious eats while maintaining a good diet. And when it comes to snacking, Raw Bites has the best healthy snacks and answer to your dilemmas.

Here are six yummy and guilt-free snacks for adults you can incorporate in your diet:



Pulsin Plant-Based Protein Bar

Plant Based Protein Bar Healthy Snacks
via Pulsin

Get a boost of energy with plant-based protein bars from Pulsin. Made with premium natural ingredients, it is completely vegan and free of any genetic modifications. Feel free to enjoy a Pulsing protein bar at any time of the day but it works best as a pre or post-workout treat!



Mr. Filbert’s Mixed Nuts

Healthy Mixed Nuts For Binge Watching
via Raw Bites

Need something to munch on as you binge-watch K-Dramas or go through your long list of must-watch movies on Netflix? Well, here’s an ideal snack for you! Mr. Filbert’s Mixed Nuts are hot air roasted and then tumbled with the finest natural flavorings such as honey and pink peppercorns to bring you a gourmet snack that will delight your tastebuds. They’re also gluten-free, dairy-free, and suitable for vegetarians. 



Fruit Bowl Blackcurrant Flakes

Fruit Bowl Black Currant Flakes
via Raw Bites

Extracted from blackcurrants and given a saccharine twist with all-natural apple juice, this handy and addictive snack is a winner to kids and adults alike for that dose of Vitamin C. The best part? It’s sweetened by naturally-occurring sugars found in fruits. 



Manilife Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Spread
via Raw Bites

Thick and creamy, Manilife’s peanut butter is made from high-oleic peanuts of the best quality sourced from a single-estate in Córdoba, Argentina. To give you only the richest flavor in every spread, Manilife produces peanut butter in small batches for that extra-creaminess. And, oh, it’s also vegan-friendly!



MOMA Porridge

Healthy Breakfast Porridge
via Raw Bites

Is making breakfast a chore for you? MOMA a.k.a. Making Oats More Awesome simplifies eating right at the start of the day, especially for vegetarians. Each porridge pot is packed with gluten-free jumbo and fine oats with natural flavorings, making it deliciously tasty and easy to prepare (just add boiling water!). 



Corkers Potato Crisps

Healthy Potato Crisps
via Raw Bites

Who said all potato crisps are junk? Not this one! Corkers cook their potato crisps in 100% olive oil in small batches before tossing them up with natural flavorings. Each Corkers product is free of MSG and vegetarian-friendly. 



Sample these yummy treats and more when you order a special snack box from Raw Bites! Each snack box contains 4 to 8 snacks from the UK. Choose your own combination of snacks and have it delivered* right at your doorstep!

*Available in the Philippines only



*Featured image from Raw Bites