Relaxing Post-Lockdown Destinations In The Philippines The Entire Family Will Enjoy

On Tuesday, 7 July, it was announced that the Philippine government’s policy task force on the coronavirus pandemic has agreed to lift the ban on non-essential overseas travel for Filipinos. (*Cue happy dance*) But let’s get real here: While most of us would love to fly out of the country for a vacation, the current climate still doesn’t permit ease of travel and entry in most destinations, and will most likely remain that way for quite a while. 

But don’t be sad! The Philippines is teeming with beautiful places for you to explore and there’s no better time to check them out than—well—after the lockdown. So draw out your family holiday plans (hey, it’s never too early to do so!) as we round up our favorite local destinations in the Philippines that you and your folks will surely enjoy, too:



Villa Escudero—Quezon

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If you’re living in the Metro and just want to take a road trip to somewhere pretty close but nonetheless picture-perfect, Villa Escudero is a good bet. This 800-hectare resort-slash-coconut plantation is famous for its outdoor recreational facilities as well as the unique experiences it offers. It’s where you can enjoy an all-Filipino buffet by a waterfall, take a carabao cart ride, and more! 

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Malumpati Cold Springs—Antique

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A stone’s throw away from the popular paradise that is Boracay, Antique’s Malumpati Cold Springs is worth a side trip if you wish to take a break from the beach. Take a dip into the cool and refreshing natural pools that are known for their mesmerizingly clear blue hue. The area also offers trekking opportunities, with trails leading to a mystical lagoon surrounded by a lush green forest. If your little adventure wore you out, soak in the calm and relax in a kata hot bath—a jacuzzi-like experience in which you bathe in a huge cauldron filled with water, herbs, flowers, and essential oils. 

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El Nido, Palawan

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Recently hailed by Condé Nast Traveller for having one of the best beaches in the world, El Nido truly is a gem that doesn’t fail to stun even the most seasoned travelers. Located in Palawan—home to the UNESCO-listed Puerto Princesa Subterranean River—it beasts pristine turquoise waters that’s dotted by lush limestone cliffs. Picturesque as it is, you and your loved ones will have a fantastic time here trying out a variety of water activities such as snorkeling and island hopping.

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Oslob, Cebu

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Cebu is well-known for a lot of great reasons. For one, it’s a gastronomic wonderland, where you will find delicious eats like lechong Cebu, sutukil, and more. Its capital is a lively city backed by a rich history with so many things to try. And, the entire island has gorgeous beaches to flaunt, too. But, perhaps, among the most popular activities in Cebu of late is diving in Oslob to get up-close with the friendly whale sharks, or butanding, as they are locally known. If you and your family love exploring the wonders of the sea, this type of experience is definitely a mustn’t-miss!

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Hidden Valley Springs, Calauan, Laguna

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Another destination not too far from the metro, Hidden Valley Springs in Calauan, Laguna offers a healing respite with its six themed natural thermal pools infused with the purest volcanic minerals that are known to ease body pains and bring back radiance to the skin. After taking a relaxing dip, go ahead and marvel at the beautiful scenery of the resort.

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