5 Thrilling Outdoor Adventures That Will Make Your Taiwan Trip Extra-Exciting

All of us crave excitement on our trips,  and if you’re planning a holiday in Taiwan, you’re in for a treat because the island is teeming with thrilling outdoor activities that will surely get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping.

Ready for an adventure? Here are five exhilarating experiences you can have in Taiwan:



Try Cliff Kayaking in Hualien

Cliff Kayaking in Hualien
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Learn the basics of kayaking and put them into practice in this unique kayaking experience in Hualien. You’ll be outfitted with complete kayaking gear before you start rowing on the boundless Pacific Ocean for the ultimate sightseeing excursion. Be stunned by the beautiful scenery surrounding you and the steep and rocky outdoors of Qingshui Cliff that stretches to 21 kilometers of eastern Taiwan. For the best views, choose the dawn or sunset lessons. If your schedule doesn’t permit so, the day lesson is great, too, that way, you can admire the clear blue skies mirrored on the ocean. 

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Hualien Qingshui Cliff Kayaking Experience 



Experience Stand Up Paddleboarding in Yilan

Stand Up Paddleboard or SUP in Yilan
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Tucked away from the tourist traps in Yilan is Pirate’s Bay, an idyllic cove that was once a landing site for pirates (hence its fascinating name) that is best explored as you paddleboard through its waters, one of the best Taiwanese outdoor adventures. If you’re a beginner, there’s nothing to worry about as this tour comes with an expert instructor who will give you a crash course on stand up paddleboarding or SUP. Try your new skills at sea then enjoy a leisurely walk on Glass Beach and try to spot as many sea glasses, seashells, and hermit crabs as you can. 

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Pirate’s Bay Glass Beach Stand Up Paddle-boarding Experience in Yilan



Soar To The Skies in Nantou or Hualien

Outdoor activities in Taiwan - Paragliding in Nantou or Hualien
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Whether you’re an extreme outdoor sports enthusiast or a fan of the hit K-Drama Crash Landing On You, paragliding is a must-try otherworldly outdoor activity that is as sensational as it is rewarding. In the company of a certified paraglider, soar to the skies in Nantou or Hualien and be moved by the beautiful scenery below as the cool breeze whisks you close to the clouds.

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Taiwan Nantou Paragliding Experience
Paragliding Experience in Hualien 



Go Island Hopping And Explore The Blue Cave on Penghu Island

Island Hopping on Penghu Island
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Explore the picturesque beaches on the islands of Penghu, and get a close-up view of the enchanting Blue Cave. As a result of erosion, this cave is a rare sight that’s known for its distinct fluorescent blue glow when sunlight hits its basalt walls. It is made even more alluring by the turquoise sea surrounding it. 

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Half-day Penghu Island Hopping and Blue Cave Tour



Play Sailor For A Day In Kenting

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If you’ve always dreamed of sailing a boat, this activity is for you! Get a primer on safety and basic operational precautions for sailing vessels then command your own sailboat for two hours under the guidance of a professionally-trained coach. After your voyage, make your way to the diving point in Kenting National Park and dive into the sea for a snorkeling adventure!

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Kenting Sailing Experience



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