Post-Lockdown Safety Tips: How To Protect Yourself In The New Normal

As nations start to loosen local quarantine rules to usher in the new normal, one could only wonder how safe it actually is to go out and carry on with life, while an official cure or vaccine for the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has yet to be discovered. So to stay healthy and protected, it would be best for you to exercise extra-caution in going about your day outdoors, especially since the threat of contracting the virus is still imminent. 

Here, we round up some post-lockdown tips for you to keep safe because, after all, life goes on:



Wear a face mask at all times

Don’t leave home without wearing a face mask.  |

This should go without saying, but wearing a face mask will not only protect you but also the people around you from the droplets you expel from your mouth even just as you speak. Most establishments have also imposed a no-mask-no-entry policy to ensure the safety of their guests. 

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Wash or disinfect your hands regularly

Keep your hands clean and virus-free by practicing proper handwashing.  |  memorypast bkk on Shutterstock

One of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus is by practicing proper hand washing regularly. However, water and soap are not always accessible in certain areas. This is why it’s a must for you to bring with you a small bottle of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer wherever you go so you can disinfect your hands anytime, anywhere. 



Avoid touching your face

Don’t touch your face.  |  AndriiKoval on Shutterstock

The virus enters your body through openings including your eyes, mouth, ears, and nose, so try your best not to touch your face. 



Practice social distancing

Keep a safe distance from others.  |  eldar nurkovic on Shutterstock

As much as possible, maintain a 6-feet distance between you and others, and avoid all unnecessary social contact. Like proper handwashing, practicing social distancing is among the most effective measures to avoid contracting and spreading the virus. 



Eat healthful foods and exercise

Enjoy well-rounded meals daily.  |  Foxys Forest Manufacture on Shutterstock

Boosting your immune system will work wonders during this time of uncertainty. Take vitamin supplements and eat foods with high nutritional value. Exercising daily will also help you stay fit and healthy.



Disinfect all your purchases from stores

Disinfect the items you purchase before storing them in your home.  |  The Toidi on Shutterstock

Designate an unloading zone in your home, where you can disinfect your purchases after your supermarket runs. Use disinfecting wipes or run the goods under cold running water (use soap when dealing with cold or frozen food, while keeping the water plain when washing fresh produce).



Take a shower or bath immediately when you arrive home

Hit the bathroom for a wash as soon as you get home.  |  VGstockstudio on Shutterstock

Don’t hang around your household too long after a day at work or running errands outside. Once you’ve got your purchases sorted, take a shower or bath, and wash yourself thoroughly with soap and water. 



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*Featured image by Drazen Zigic on Shutterstock