New Rules: The Do’s And Don’ts At Japan’s Theme Parks Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

As Japan lifts its state of emergency, amusement parks in the country are looking forward to reopening their doors to visitors—but not without increased safety guidelines in place.

The East Japan and West Japan Theme Park Associations released last Monday a renewed set of guidelines to ensure the health and safety of park-goers. The country’s top theme parks, such as Universal Studios Japan, Tokyo Disneyland, and Tokyo Disney Sea—which have been closed since late February—have all agreed to comply with the Association’s revised measures. 

While Japan has temporarily banned foreign nationals from 111 countries to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, it would be smart of you to read up on the country’s new theme park guidelines to find out the major DO’s and DON’Ts, so you’re well-informed once you’re free to travel to Japan again: 



DO: Purchase Your Tickets In Advance

Visitors are urged to purchase tickets in advance to avoid standing in queues and handling cash. Should the visitor choose to buy tickets on-site, they are encouraged to make sure of cashless payment systems to limit any physical contact. 

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DON’T: Go If You’re Feeling Under The Weather

Temperature checks will be conducted at park entrances to ensure that every visitor is in good health upon entering the park’s premises. So if you’re not feeling well, make the necessary adjustments to your itinerary and put your plans of going out on hold until you feel better. Don’t think twice to seek medical care as well. 



Park entrance situation at Universal Studios Japan, winter 2019.  |  via Andy Flores



DO: Wear A Face Mask And Disinfect Regularly

No excuses here: Every guest must wear a mask while inside the park. Guests must also disinfect their hands regularly with sanitizers if they are unable to wash with soap and water. 



DON’T: Scream

Okay, we feel you on this one. Like, how can you NOT scream on thrill rides like Universal Studios Japan’s The Flying Dinosaur or Tokyo Disneyland’s Space Mountain? But yeah, for the time being, park guests are urged to refrain from screaming while experiencing attractions to prevent readers’ breath, saliva, and other mouth-sourced droplets from hanging in the air or landing on surfaces. If you’re having trouble with this rule, you can just think of it as an extra challenge! *wink, wink* 



Universal Studios Japan  |  via runextreme on Pixabay



DO: Keep Distance

Distancing measures are to be imposed on rides and lines for the safety of everyone. While queueing, guests must maintain a 1-meter distance between each other. 



DON’T: Make  Physical Contact With Characters

We know you’re excited to meet the characters who made your childhood awesome, but high-fiving, hugging, or giving them a handshake is not permitted in the “new normal.” Interactions will be much more limited now, and guests are expected to do their part in keeping the experience short but still memorable nonetheless. 



A group of park visitors strikes a chat with a Hogwarts Express Conductor, winter 2019.  |  via Andy Flores



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*Featured image by runextreme on Pixabay