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20 Mesmerizing Photos That Prove That Hong Kong Is A Shutterbug’s Wonderland

As one of the most densely populated territories in the world, Hong Kong presents itself as a country of wonder, where beauty can be found even in the midst of a chaotic hodgepodge of skyscrapers, crammed housing estates, and shopping centers. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that travel photographers have a field day on the island every time they visit.

From the neon glow in the streets of Mongkok to the breathtaking views from Victoria Peak, here are 20 mesmerizing photos taken in the shutterbug paradise that is Hong Kong:


Shops and crowd in market at Mongkok Hong Kong
The ever-busy Fa Yuen Street Market in Mongkok. | Baiterek Media on Shutterstock
Tsim Sha Tsui Shops
Shoppers’ favorite Tsim Sha Tsui Street bustles to life as day slips to night. | TungCheung on Shutterstock
Cinderella's Carousel in Hong Kong
Cinderella’s Carousel is one of the most popular rides in Hong Kong Disneyland‘s Fantasyland. | KeongDaGreat on Shutterstock
Victoria Harbour Landscape
The Victoria Harbour featuring Hong Kong’s iconic Junk Boat and skyline. | Patrick Foto on Shutterstock
Old Street in Hong Kong
Old Street looking postcard-perfect, as always. | GuoZhongHua on Shutterstock
Temple decoration
Red and yellow paper lanterns hang overhead at the Wong Tai Sin Temple. | Lee Yiu Tung on Shutterstock
Incense coils in temple
Incense coils are seen at the Man Mo Temple. | Heidi Becker on Shutterstock
A square of light shines down at the Ping Shek Estate. | Atosan on Shutterstock
Buildings landscape of Hong Kong residential area
This sea of buildings shows just how densely populated Hong Kong truly is. | ESB Professional on Shutterstock
A play of light and shadows at Quarry Bay’s famous Yick Cheong Building a.k.a. “Monster Mansion.” | aiyoshi597 on Shutterstock
Choi Hung Estate is best known for its rainbow hues. | KanokpolTokumhnerd on Shutterstock
Police Married Quarters repurposed as a creative and design hub. | YingHui Liu
Hong Kong Street Art and Graffiti
Hong Kong is also known for its colorful street art. | OliOpi on Shutterstock
Signs and numbers as plastered on a building wall. | BB2 on Shutterstock
Billboards and signages hanging in the Old Street. | Lee Yiu Tung on Shutterstock
Rush hour. | estherpoon on Shutterstock
Delicious Hong Kong dim sums
Hong Kong dimsum, anyone? | Sirikunkrittaphuk
Caged birds at Hong Kong’s Bird Market. | box of pic on Shutterstock
Sunset as seen from Victoria Peak. | Rad Radu on Shutterstock



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