IKEA’s Furniture Forts Will Keep Your Kids’ Imagination Alive During Quarantine

Global furniture giant IKEA is putting a family-friendly twist to their famous (and sometimes, hard-to-follow) assembly instructions by revealing easy how-tos on making furniture forts—just the perfect activity to keep the fun alive at home during quarantine.

The six designs were created by IKEA Russia in collaboration with advertising agency Instinct as part of the company’s quarantine campaign to encourage people to stay home, as COVID-19 continues to sweep across nations all over the world.

Featuring IKEA products, each fort also requires the use of common household items to be completed—from books to pegs to sticky tape. 

Check out all six fort designs from IKEA Russia and Instinct below:

FÖRTRESS  |  IKEA Russia/Instinct
HÖUSE  |  IKEA Russia/Instinct
CÅSTLE  |  IKEA Russia/Instinct
CÅVE  |  IKEA Russia/Instinct
CÅMPINGTENT  |  IKEA Russia/Instinct
WIGWÅM  |  IKEA Russia/Instinct

Which structure are you excited to build with your family?



*Featured image from Africa Studio on Shutterstock