8 Pretty Pink Sand Beaches Around The World

Pink sand beaches? Yep, you read that right! Such rare wonders actually exist in the world, and you’ve got a number of natural factors to thank for these Instagram-worthy sights—from powdered red corals to microscopic organisms with reddish-pink shells. 

As we continue to daydream of destinations we’d love to visit, join us as we take a “trip” to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches that blush in pink:



Horseshoe Bay Beach – Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach  |  via Alexander Sviridov on Shutterstock

Bermuda is brimming with stunning beaches, but Horseshoe Bay Beach stands out for its sand’s rosy pink hue that perfectly complements with the clear turquoise water.



Crane Beach – Barbados

Crane Beach  |  via christhompsonph on Shutterstock

Lined by lush blanketed cliffs (where you will find some of the island’s most luxurious hotels), the pink shoreline of Crane Beach is a sight to behold. The surrounding waters are also popular among avid boogie board surfers.



Elafonissi Beach – Greece

Elafonissi Beach  |  via Nastya22 on Shutterstock

Sitting on a peninsula connected to mainland Crete—albeit underwater—Elafonissi beach flaunts postcard-perfect pink sand beaches and turquoise waters. If you’re an adventurous beach-goer, head on over to the cedar forest that conceals secluded beaches for skinny-dipping. *wink, wink*



Balos Bay – Greece

Balos Bay  |  via Georgios Tsichlis on Shutterstock

Regarded as one of the most beautiful lagoons in Greece, Balos Bay is famous for its light pink sand and cool, bright blue waters. Rumor has it, Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited this beach with their private yacht after their 1981 wedding.



Komodo Island – Indonesia

Pink Beach on Komodo Island | via Pocholo Calapre on Shutterstock

Though this destination is locally known as Pantai Merah or “Red Beach,” the sand between the aquamarine sea and jungle-laden mountains on Komodo Island is actually pink, a resulting shade from foraminifera—microscopic creatures that taint coral reefs with a red pigment. 



Playa de Ses Illetes – Spain

Playa de Ses Illetes | via D.Bond on Shutterstock

This neighbor of Ibiza sees less crowds, making it the perfect pink paradise to escape to. It is also Formentera’s most posh beach, with yacht-owning holiday-goers visiting the area. 



Pink Beach on Budelli Island – Italy

Pink Beach on Budelli Island | via McoBra89 on Shutterstock

Affectionately called “Spiaggia Rosa” locally, this dreamy pink beach has been off-limits to tourists since 1994, but you could still view it from nearby Spiaggia di Cavalieri. 



Pink Sands Beach – Bahamas

Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island  |  via Remanz on Shutterstock

Arguably one of the most popular pink sand beaches, Harbour Island’s rosy gem is every vacationer’s wonderland with its luxe accommodations, top restaurants, and swimmable water. 



Got other pink beaches to add? Sound off in the comments!



*Featured image from PhotosSunny on Shutterstock