Dreamy Travel-Themed Zoom Backgrounds For Your Next Online Meeting

We’re sure a lot of us are already itching for the outside worldfrom something as simple as taking a walk in parks and making shopping runs at malls, to meeting with your colleagues for face to face meetings, to finally visiting your dream travel destination which you’ve been saving up for. 

But for now, we’re all confined to conference calls over Zoom where we hold everything from virtual game nights with family and friends, to office town halls and meetings with colleagues. While you’re at it, why not be at your dream destination at the same time?

One of the great things about Zoom is it allows you to change your virtual background to anything you want while you’re on a video call with anyone! So we’ve compiled our favorite travel-themed Zoom backgrounds to spice up your next online meeting. 



Bask in the setting sun and orange hues of the city of Madrid, Spain.

Madrid as background for zoom meeting rooms
Madrid, Spain | via Smarter Travel/Zoom


Or soak in the blue and orange hues by the bay in Santorini, Greece.

Santorini Greece as virtual background for zoom meeting rooms
Santorini, Greece | via Smarter Travel/Zoom


Take in the glow of the neon lights of Shanghai, China.

Shanghai, China as background for zoom meeting rooms
Shanghai, China | via Smarter Travel/Zoom


Keep your colleagues enthralled by this enchanting view of New York City behind you.

New York City as virtual backgrounds for video
New York City, USA | via Smarter Travel/Zoom


No better way to spice up a meeting than having 2 kangaroos right beside you with this background from Australia.

Australia beach as virtual background images for zoom
Australia  |  via Tourism Australia


Which destination are you excited to visit even just virtually? Let us know!



*Featured image via Tourism Australia