The Museum of Modern Art is Offering Online Art Courses For Free

Good news, art and culture junkies: The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has made several of its online courses available for free!

Offered through virtual learning platform Coursera, the in-depth classes cover a variety of subjects including art history, theory, and pedagogy, which are broken down into weekly lessons.

Each course has resource materials such as videos, readings, and some even have short tests to measure how much you’re learning in your chosen class. 

Here are some classes you might take interest in:


Fashion As Design

MOMA - Fashion As Design Free Online Art Course
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This course is all about how fashion is intertwined with art. It will turn your attention to over 70 garments and accessories from across the globe, and help you dissect the story behind each piece. While it is unlikely that this class will teach you the ABCs on how to make a fashion ensemble from scratch, it will help you develop critical skills to appreciate and contextualize fashion design. 

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What Is Contemporary Art?

MOMO Contemporary Art Online Course
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A great intro to contemporary art, this course makes use of 70 works from MoMA’s collection made between 1980 and the present to help you understand the nuances of this particular period of art. The course also includes lessons from various artists, architects and designers from all around the world, who will share with you their creative processes, materials, and inspiration. 

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Seeing Through Photographs

MOMA Free Online Photography Course
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Enjoy photography? This class will help you achieve visual literacy by developing skills on how to better examine and understand the differences between photographs and photographic images, as you discover how a single photographic image’s context influences its production, circulation, and reception. 

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Check out the full list of MoMA’s courses here!



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