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15 Dreamy Pictures Of Train Journeys Across Switzerland

When it comes to train travel, Switzerland will definitely give you a bang for every buck you spent on your ticket. You get time-conscious transport operations, excellent service, beautiful and comfortable panoramic trains, and—of course—breathtakingly scenic views that will treat you to a glimpse of the country’s magical natural landscape as well as its quaint towns that look straight out of a fairytale book!

Daydream with us and let your imagination sweep you to the Swiss Alps and beyond!


Take the Golden Pass Line

…and get some serious flashbacks of the hit K-Drama Crash Landing On You

Golden Pass Line View from Crash Landing On You
Lungern Village and Lake via Alexey Oblov on Shutterstock
Brienz Lake
Brienz Lake via Meiqianbao on Shutterstock
Lucerne Switzerland
City of Lucerne via Meiqianbao on Shutterstock



Make your trip in the fall

…for bursts of stunningly warm colors against a pastoral background

View from the Golden Pass Line
Fall foliage as seen from the Golden Pass Line en route to Montreux from Spiez via Meiqianbao on Shutterstock
Autumn Scenery from Golden Pass Line Switzerland Train Travel
Autumn scenery from the Golden Pass Line en route to Montreux from Spiez via Meiqianbao on Shutterstock
Panoramic View of Switzerland Landscape - Tarasp Castle
Look closely and you’ll spot Tarasp Castle via CHEN MIN CHUN on Shutterstock



Or hop on the train that runs along the UNESCO-listed Bernina railway

…for a wonderfully lush scenery outside your window

UNESCO Listed Bernina Railway
The Bernina Express Train via Eva Bockeck on Shutterstock



And cross towering viaducts in the mountains

…like the iconic Landwasser Viaduct

Landwasser Viaduct
Landwasser Viaduct via Viacheslav Lopatin on Shutterstock



Check out the Wengernalp Railway a.k.a. the world’s longest continuous rack and pinion railway

…and get a gorgeous view like this

Panoramic View of Switzerland
Breathtaking panoramic vista along the Wengernalp Railway via Noah Sauve on Shutterstock



Or sneak a peek into pretty towns nearby

The Matterhorn from Zermatt Village
The Matterhorn as seen from Zermatt Village via Samot on Shutterstock
Scenic Landscape of Switzerland Valley Via Scoutori
Scenic Swiss valley via scoutori on Shutter-stock
City of Zug
The City of Zug via Tanya Jones on Shutterstock



And if you’re visiting in winter…

…don’t miss to take in the icy landscapes of the Alps from The Glacier Express

Swiss Alps In Winter
Snow blanketing the Swiss Alps in winter via Allessandro Colle on Shutterstock
Matterhorn and Surrounding Towns
The Matterhorn and its surrounding towns via Pritesh R Patel on Shutterstock
The Glacier Express
The Glacier Express via Peter Stein on Shutterstock



Whether it’s your first, second, or nth trip to Switzerland, the Swiss Travel Pass is a definite must-have! It entitles you to unlimited access to the public transportation network including boats and panoramic trains in 90 towns and cities for up to 15 days! Book yours on KKday! 



*Featured image by kavalenkava on Shutterstock