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Reasons Why You Should Get Travel Insurance Before Every Trip

Buying insurance is a subject that a lot of people try to avoid, but since you’re here anyway, hear us out on this one, okay? Travel insurance may seem like an extra expense on top of your already-costly trip, but it’s actually a lifesaver when the dreaded unforeseen happens

Now, you might think that nothing could possibly go wrong during your dream vacation in the tropical islands of Thailand or in the breathtaking Swiss Alps because you’ve planned it out through and through, but here’s the thing: Not everything is under your control. Your flight could get canceled or your luggage could get lost along the way. (Eek!) 

So how do you give yourself some peace of mind? Yup. Get travel insurance. Allow us to break down 5 good reasons why you should:



Your flight could get delayed, or worse, canceled.

One of the most common mishaps during a trip is finding out that your flight is delayed or canceled—be it due to technical difficulties on the runway or a storm looming in your destination. While having travel insurance doesn’t necessarily get you on the next flight out stat, you can rest assured that your policy—depending on your insurance coverage—will give you back the partial or full amount of the cost of your supposed flight’s ticket. 



Flight Delayed Notice
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You might have to call off your trip.

For whatever reason you have to cancel your plans, if you have travel insurance, you’ll be able to recover part of your pre-trip expenses, or sometimes, even more! Just make sure that your policy has a trip cancellation coverage to avail of this feature. 



You might need medical attention while you’re abroad.

Nobody wants to get sick or injured during their much-awaited vacation. However, if you had too much street food and woke up with a bad case of diarrhea or sprained your ankle in the middle of a hike, you’ll definitely need emergency medical attention, which will be costly if you’re not insured. 



Your destination could get caught in a terrorist attack. 

Say a few days before your trip, a terrorist attack takes place in your destination, you can cancel your trip and get back a substantial amount of the money you spent if your policy is inclusive of terrorism coverage. 



Baggage Carousel
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Your luggage might get lost, arrive late, or get stolen. 

Picture this: You’re excitedly waiting for your luggage at the airport’s baggage carousel to finally kickstart your adventure when your checked-in suitcase doesn’t come. You anxiously wait for a little longer to no avail—what should you do? Whether your luggage was jetted off to another city or was accidentally loaded on a plane that will arrive much later, having travel insurance will help you breathe somehow, knowing that you’ll be assisted to recover your items and be reimbursed for the important stuff you immediately need. In the event that your baggage gets stolen, you will also be reimbursed so you can kickstart your trip without shelling out too much cash. 


Got any travel horror stories that could have been avoided if you had travel insurance? Share them with us in the comments! Don’t forget to book your next holiday with KKday!



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