Detective Conan Crepes And Other Insta-Perfect Eats You Can Get At Universal Cool Japan 2020

ICYMI, Universal Cool Japan is back in Universal Studios Japan, and it’s thrilling anime fans from all over the world with new attractions and must-have merchandise featuring iconic characters from Detective Conan, Lupin III, and Attack on Titan.

But you know what else is so exciting about the sixth year of Universal Cool Japan? The food! Yep, we are talking about full-course meals and snacks inspired by popular anime series that are not only delicious, but Instagram-worthy, too!

Here, we round up our favorite bites from Universal Cool Japan 2020:



Conan Crepes

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Dessert lovers will delight in the sweet high that Conan Crepes bring. Available in Lemon (topped with a custard cup) and Chocolate (sprinkled with nuts and chocolate chips), they are served in paper cones with bold Detective Conan designs that make for great food snaps!



Conan Hot Cocoa

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Enjoy your Conan Crepes with a kawaii cup of hot cocoa—perfect for the still-cold weather in Osaka! To complete the drink’s overall look, it is topped with Detective Conan’s signature bow tie.


Survey Corps Mess Hall Set Meals

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When hunger calls, there’s no better place to have lunch in Universal Cool Japan than Attack of the Titan’s Survey Corps Mess Hall. Their menu boasts heavy set meals featuring steaks and roast chicken served with a variety of sides like a whole boiled potato, grilled onion, bread, and salad—among others. After having your fill, you might want to click a picture with life-sized Attack on Titan statues. Simply present your voucher that comes with the set meal you ordered.

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Lupin III Churritos & Palmier

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Churros are a classic theme park treat, and Universal Cool Japan 2020 put a Lupin III spin to it. Each churro stick is chocolate and caramel-flavored, coated with sprinkles, and is best paired with the Fujiko palmier—a flaky heart-shaped pastry piped on the side with a white rose, referencing the series’ notorious female trickster. Both are presented so prettily, you’d want to keep the wrappings as a souvenir after you’ve had your last bite.


Lupin III Popcorn

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Universal Studios Japan is well-known for its cool and kawaii popcorn dispensers featuring various cartoon characters and pop culture references (their Minion dispensers are best-sellers!). And for Universal Cool Japan 2020, a special Lupin III popcorn bucket in the shape of a getaway car has been released. Needless to say, Lupin III fans and merchandise collectors will surely love this!



Which of these special food items would you like to try on your visit to Universal Studios Japan? Book your Universal Cool Japan 2020 Express Pass now!