The Dessert Museum: 5 Sweet Tips You Should Know Before Visiting This Insta-Perfect Wonderland

You’ll be placed under a sweet spell the moment you step inside The Dessert Museum

All of a sudden, you’re no longer in a posh mall in Metro Manila, but transported to a 12,000-square foot confectionery wonderland, where the luscious scent of candy permeates the air and colorful dessert-themed installations adorn the floors, walls, and even the ceiling—sounds like a childhood dream come true? It is. 

The Dessert Museum is, indeed, a treat to the senses. It features up to eight mouthwatering areas that will easily put you on a sugar high. Slide into a donut room… strike a pose in a storm of “gumballs”… swing on gigantic cake pops—really, The Dessert Museum is pretty much inspired by your wildest cravings actualized into a massive Instagrammer’s playground by The Brainchild of A Thousand Concepts, Inc.

Excited to bring a burst of color and sweetness to your Instagram feed on your visit to The Dessert Museum? Take these top insider tips for a feed that will be the envy of your followers:



Plan your #OOTD

Image courtesy of The Dessert Museum

Raid your wardrobe for your favorite picture-perfect ensemble because you’ll want to look your best in your photos at The Dessert Museum. Whether you mix and match pieces or go the comfy route—it’s up to you! Just let your personal style shine through, and the dessert-themed rooms will do the rest of the magic to make your pics stand out.



Bring Your Trusty Camera

Image courtesy of The Dessert Museum

Unlike most museums where photography is either restricted or limited, The Dessert Museum is all about giving you the freedom to take aesthetic shots for the ‘gram! So if you’ve got a trusty camera (aside from your phone’s camera), bring it! However, visitors are not allowed to use photoshoot equipment such as tripods, lighting devices, and props. 

*Tip-off: If you wish to have a professional shoot done at The Dessert Museum, you may check out their photoshoot package here. 



Go With Your Squad 

Image courtesy of The Dessert Museum

The Dessert Museum is best visited with your BFFs! If you’re in dire need of a break from school or work, this candy haven will give you the sweet escape you need and deserve. Awaken the child in you and get lost or go crazy in the themed rooms as you experience various fun-filled activities that the museum has in store for you. You might also want to make sure that your shutter-happy friend who knows all your best angles tags along for those A+ clicks!



Prepare For A Sugar Rush From The Free Treats 

Image courtesy of The Dessert Museum

If you’re a huge sweet tooth, you’ll be glad to know that at The Dessert Museum, you can sample up to six free treats. Yep, this you won’t just go home with a gallery filled with pictures, but with a serious case of sugar rush, too! From cotton candy to pearl tea samples, you’re sure to have a sweet high here. 

*Tip-off: Though bottled water is readily available at The Dessert Museum for 50 PHP, we encourage you to bring your own reusable bottle of water when you visit—it’s better for the planet, too!



Get In For FREE!

Image courtesy of The Dessert Museum

Are you celebrating your birthday in the month of your visit? Or are you a Top Fan of The Dessert Museum on Facebook? If you answered YES to either of these questions, then you can get in The Dessert Museum for FREE! 

Simply present an ID to prove your birthday or show off your Top Fan badge and come with at least one paying friend to score free admission to The Dessert Museum. 



Bonus: Planning An Event? Hold It At The Dessert Museum!

Image courtesy of The Dessert Museum

The Dessert Museum offers a variety of packages to make your big day—be it a surprise birthday bash, an anniversary date with your SO or your baby’s gender reveal party—even more special. 

View their event packages here! 



Once you’re all set for your visit to The Dessert Museum, book your tickets on KKday to score a sweet discount! 



The Dessert Museum

Address: Unit 124, 126, 127a, S Maison, Coral Way, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63 917 300 5966
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Daily (Last onsite tickets are sold by 8:00 PM)



*Featured image courtesy of The Dessert Museum