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5 Secret Food Tours Around The World That Will Give You A Taste Of The Best Local Eats

Food is an important part of any journey to a new destination. Local dishes can tell you a lot, from a town’s natural features and its people’s livelihood to interesting stories about important people and events in a country’s history. 

Enter, Secret Food Tours, a tour group helping travelers discover the culinary “secrets” of various destinations. It promises an authentic foodie adventure, introducing travelers to new gastronomic experiences and taking you to little-known places that the locals actually frequent. Local guides share trivia and tales not just about the food, but also about the history and culture of each stop.

From world-famous restaurants to hole-in-the-wall local favorites, these fun secret tours shine a light on a variety of dishes in countries all around the world. (Tip: in each excursion, keep an eye out for a surprise Secret Dish that will only be revealed on the day of the tour.)



East Meets West in Hong Kong 

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Hong Kong is a true melting pot, a vibrant modern metropolis where both old traditions and modern innovations thrive. As one of the world’s top culinary destinations, it’s a must to hunt down the best eats when visiting the region.

The Secret Food Tour in Hong Kong takes travelers on a culinary excursion to seven stops offering delectable local favorites, including beef brisket, roasted goose, and dim sum. Enjoy an experience showcasing the best of traditional Chinese food with a Western flair typical of the westernized city.

A local guide will lead you through the bustling streets, sharing interesting stories to help you gain a better appreciation of local food as well as Hong Kong’s history and culture! Discover this dynamic culinary landscape with a Secret Food Tour in Hong Kong via KKday.



Asian Favorites in the Food Centers of Singapore 

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Amazing fare is everywhere in Singapore, an island state with well-renowned restaurants, shopping malls, and hawker centers, which are a special part of the island’s culinary scene. All kinds of food are found in these busy hubs, from traditional Asian specialties to exotic delicacies. 

The bustling Singaporean scene can be overwhelming to first-timers. With the Secret Food Tour in Singapore, travelers get to go on a well-curated adventure consisting of six of the best culinary stops on the island. Sample the salty-sweet bak kwa and the popular curry puff, then wander the hawker centers for local favorites like chicken rice. 

With an experienced English-speaking local guide at the helm, the tour gives travelers an in-depth look at the island’s gastronomic scene. Embark on an authentic Singaporean food experience on the Secret Food Tour in Singapore via KKday.



New and Unfamiliar Dishes in Seoul 

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Korean cuisine goes beyond kimchi and barbecue, although many people stick to these staples when visiting the country. Tourists in the capital Seoul are faced with a dizzying array of sweet, savory, and spicy dishes in the country—each one tastier and more exotic than the last. 

Savor all the Korean food you can eat on the Secret Food Tour in Seoul, which leads travelers to markets, cafés, and even historical and natural attractions. Foodies excited to try something new will enjoy high-quality fare such as mung bean pancakes, hotteok, bibimbap, and more. An old and beautiful teahouse offers a tranquil setting to wind down the tour. 

An expert local tour guide will lead the tour and share valuable knowledge on the city of Seoul. Go on the Secret Food Tour in Seoul via KKday for a closer look at the city’s awesome culinary character.



Fresh, Delicate Flavors in Tokyo 

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It’s not exactly a secret that Tokyo is one of the most exciting foodie cities in the entire world. Amazing restaurants are everywhere, whether they’re sleek Michelin-star establishments or cramped ramen joints. Like everything else in Japan, each one is full of character and unforgettable.

Even if the capital’s top dining experiences attract tourists regularly, secret foodie hideouts are still hidden all over the city. Unearth a handful on a Secret Food Tour of Tokyo, sampling the fresh sushi, flavorful gyoza, and super tender yakitori. Snack on local meat croquettes and wash down all the food with tea.

Learn all about the seasonal nuances to the flavors of your favorite dishes, and find out how Japanese history and traditions are woven into the heart of every best-selling fare. Book a slot on the Secret Food Tour in Tokyo with KKday.



Quirky Global Cuisine in Sydney

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Beautiful Sydney is a Pacific paradise with global flavor. While known for its beaches and cultural attractions, it’s also a great stop for foodies. The sophisticated Australian city is home to a medley of international cuisine and the Secret Food Tours are a great way to pick out the best of the collection. 

Get a sublime introduction to the city’s best eats, from a modern Australian take on bruschetta to delicious local meat cooked impeccably. Local beer and yummy beer chow make a quirky joint a must-see spot, while a visit to the city’s gay district offers new insights on Sydney’s history and culture.

Sink your teeth into unique Australian cuisine with KKday’s Secret Food Tour.



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