A Day In Batam: What To Do in Indonesia’s Scenic Port City

A city less than an hour’s ferry ride from Singapore, Batam brings a breath of fresh air to anyone who wishes to step back from the daily grind and just enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Here are some activities you can try on your visit to Batam:



Visit Temples

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The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia poses Batam as an ideal destination for those seeking a sense of spiritual healing. The city center, Nagoya, has a wealth of historical and religious sites that are open to visitors, but among the mustn’t-miss temples is the famous Laughing Buddha Temple, which is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. Monasteries like Pa-auk Tawya also offer meditation classes to anybody who wishes to relax their mind and spirit. 

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Take In The Views From Barelang Bridge

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The name of this imposing bridge system (it’s made up of six full swing bridges!) is actually an abbreviation of the three islands it connects: Batam, Rempang, and Galang. The bridges stretch to a total of two kilometers and treat pedestrians and motorists alike to a spectacular view of land and sea that look especially dramatic at sunset.



Make Your Own Brew

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Batam has a bustling coffee industry, and you can sneak a peek into it during your visit! Swing by Golden Rabbits Coffee, the island’s largest coffee factory, where you can learn how to make the perfect brew. It’s also where you can try peaberry coffee, Sulawesi’s prized Toraja coffee, and palm civet coffee—locally known as kopi luwak—which is harvested from the droppings of palm civet cats that feed on coffee cherries. 

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Tee Up!

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Aside from its temples and ports, Batam is also a popular destination for golf enthusiasts. It’s home to several first-class golf courses that meet the requirements of any kind of player—amateur or professional. 



Sample Delicious Dragon Fruit

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When it comes to local produce, Batam has vast plantations of dragon fruit. While you can simply pick up a kilo or two at a local market, visiting a dragon fruit farm will make your trip even more memorable, so if you love dragon fruit (or are curious about its taste), stop by the Dragon Fruit Garden to sample these subtly sweet treats from nature.

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