Holiday In The Middle Of The Week? Here Are Three Fun Day Tours You Can Take From Manila

As soon as the calendar of public holidays and special non-working days is released, we find ourselves poring over the dates, counting how many long weekends we’ll be getting in the coming year and calculating the number of leaves we have to file to extend our much-needed breaks. 

However, sometimes, we don’t get too lucky and find holidays falling on weekends or in the middle of the week—a bummer, yes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a quick escape if you’re based in the busy metro. 

With the EDSA Revolution Anniversary holiday (it’s on a Tuesday) fast-approaching, we rounded up three fun day trips you can book on KKday for your free day. Trust us, you deserve an escape even for just one day!



Manila Shared Day Tour: Majestic Pagsanjan Falls Adventure

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Remember those days when your civics teacher quizzed you about the natural wonders of the Philippines and among them is Laguna’s famed Pagsanjan Falls? Well, it still is a gem, and you can definitely go and visit it this coming holiday! 

Take in the lush scenery and breathe in the fresh air as you enjoy a banca (native canoe) ride through the 17-kilometer long rapids. Once you reach Pagsanjan Falls, marvel at its beauty and take a refreshing dip into the cool waters. Feeling adventurous? Swim or hop on a bamboo raft and enter the cave concealed by the veil of water cascading from the cliff and to the river. 

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Hidden Valley Springs Private Day Tour from Manila

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Nestled within a tropical rainforest just behind the mystical Mt. Makiling, Hidden Valley Springs Resort in Calauan, Laguna offers you a rejuvenating respite from your daily grind. 

Choose from six themed natural thermal pools and soak in the purest volcanic mineral waters—known to ease body pains and bring back radiance to the skin. After relaxing in the hot springs, take your time to admire the beautiful scenery surrounding you and maybe snap a couple of photos for the ‘gram.

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Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort Day Tour

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A popular getaway destination near the metro, Villa Escudero is a place steeped in history that continues to tell a story. Its charming and rustic setting makes for great backgrounds for pictures, while the fun activities you can try on your visit such as fishing, rafting, and swimming will keep you busy yet relaxed the entire day.

Not to be missed, the restaurant by the falls will treat you to a banquet of Filipino favorites. And if you return on a weekend, make sure to catch the Philippine Experience Show—a vibrant presentation of music and dance to showcase the rich culture of the country. 

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*Featured image by posztos on Shutterstock