Best Spots For Soul-Searching In Taiwan

In dire need of a break? Are you feeling lost and don’t know where your life is headed? Then, let your desire to travel take over, and travel to the most amazing destinations in Taiwan. Get a chance to dive deeper into your inner soul and break free from your responsibilities. Rediscover who you truly are, keep your mind open to infinite possibilities and one day, you will know what you want to happen in your life.

Taiwan is more than just an island overflowing with bubble tea and scrumptious soup dumplings. Reignite the passion in you as you find pure joy, inner peace, and perhaps the mystical enlightenment that the majority have experienced. Without further ado, take a look at these wonderful locations that are truly breathtaking.



Take A Relaxing Trip To Sun Moon Lake

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Slow down and join the spellbinding cruise that will allow you to see the majestic views of the lush mountains of Nantou. Enjoy the quiet respite offered by this place. Along with that, the scenic sight of the lake will truly make you feel welcome. Once you are there, you can explore the Xuanguang Temple built during the Tang Dynasty. 

You can even book a cable car ride to see the panoramic view from up above. But do you know what’s even more thrilling? You get to have unlimited cruise rides once you purchase tickets from KKday.



Take A Breather On The Gorgeous Green Island

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A soul-searching escape is not complete without a visit to this tiny volcanic island. On the way to the hotel, you can rent a scooter to go around the island. Its appeal lies in the gem underneath its pristine waters, perfect for snorkeling. You can even reflect and retreat at the Green Island Lighthouse. There’s also a special tour available to allow you to meet a sika deer and experience stargazing at night.



Hike Your Worries Away At Taroko National Park

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Want to have the ultimate trekking adventure in Taiwan? Maybe it’s time for you to traverse the Zhuilu Old Trail, a culturally-preserved site. It is a classic destination for those who are soul-searching. Pack your hurt, worries, and disappointments, and gear up to reach the peak of Taroko National Park.

Can you imagine hiking up a place higher than the Taipei 101 building? It may be extremely challenging at first but surely the pain is all worth it as you hear the sound of nature from the Liwu river and witness the beautiful landscapes of the combination of trees and awesome rock formations.



Go For A Life-changing Paragliding Experience

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Ever wondered what it is like to fly in the sky? Hualien’s paragliding adventure offers this authentic experience. Feel the adrenaline rush and choose this once in a lifetime experience as you glide 680 meters above sea level with a skilled and certified pilot with you.

Challenge your limits and get to know yourself better with this extreme sport. You’ll never know the word restored until you run towards the edge of a cliff and feel the blast of the wind in your 15-minute journey. Perhaps, it will even let you decide the really important things in your life. As you fulfill your dreams of flying, you can even take pictures and videos to record your magnificent moments.



Refine Your Senses With Taichung Zhongshe’s Flower Market

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It might not be the most electrifying activity to try on this list, but looking at pretty things might just be the kick you are looking for to get you back on track. The diversity of flowers such as tulips, lilies, cosmopolitan flowers, and other plants can positively overwhelm you or it can completely sweep you off your feet. Flowers always give the vibe of joy and courage to anyone and that’s what Taichung Zhongshe’s Flower Market is all about.

Later, you can take comfort in the sweets available at Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory. And you can complete the soul-stretching tour with an appreciation of the pool of saxophones displayed at the Chang Lien-cheng Saxophone Museum.



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