Best Tropical Bridal Shower Destinations

The location makes the best bridal shower ideas come alive. It sets the theme and mood of your event. Whether you are planning a get-together at a restaurant just like the old times, renting a hotel room for an intimate party, or booking a spa for your all-girls event, holding an unforgettable bridal shower is not easy. 

But if your bride-to-be loves adventure and traveling, then you can opt for a tropical-themed bridal shower slash vacation for an ultimate celebration. Think fine sands, aquamarine waters, lush scenery, and cocktails. Planning a bridal shower can be overwhelming, so we’ve rounded up the best tropical bridal shower destinations you can choose from: 




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Beaches, mountains, and days of sunshine await you and your girlfriends in Bali, a pocket of paradise in Indonesia. Lying east of Java and west of Lombok, Bali may have become a favorite tourist destination, but it offers secluded spaces where you can create memories with your group. You can stay in hotels, resorts, or villas. Or have a glamorous camping experience in Bali. During the day, your group can embark on different nature adventures, from rafting to encountering safari animals. You can also discover the beauty of the remote tropical paradise of Lembongan Island while having a BBQ lunch buffet.




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Phi Phi Islands in Thailand are famous for their powdery white sand and magnificent coral reefs. You and your friends can swim, snorkel and soak in the views of dramatic rock formations above pristine waters. Book your Phi Phi Island and Koh Young Island Hopping Tour with KKday to see the Bamboo Island, Mosquito Island, Monkey Bay, Viking Cave, Pileh Cove, and Loh Sama Bay.




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Get lost in the natural landscapes and coastal towns in Costa Brava, Spain. Shower the bride-to-be with your wishes as you eat at an outdoor restaurant with a stunning view of the sea. Discover hidden bays, sea cliffs, beaches, and volcanoes together.




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El Nido, a municipality in Palawan, is home to the country’s most stunning bodies of water further bejeweled with limestone formations, lagoons, caves, and white sands. Reminisce your memories with the bride-to-be Walk along the shores of Paradise Beach and Pasandigan Beach. Have a lunch under palm trees and go snorkeling at Pasandigan Beach. Book your El Nido Island Hopping Tour with KKday here.




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Why not plan a real Hawaiian party and book a trip to Hawaii for an ultimate send-off? Prepare to be mesmerized by the natural beauty of these islands surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Unlock Hawaii’s culture, arts, and history by visiting Maui, the state’s second-largest island on a scenic day tour. You can also visit Hawaii’s top 30 attractions, from museums to beaches, with no hassle by getting a Go Oahu Card – Unlimited Attractions Pass




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Guam is the perfect sunny escape for you and your girls if you like a tropical trip that is laid-back yet still sophisticated. Your group can admire the sunset and the ocean while hanging out at Beach Bar & Grill, the most popular bar in Guam. Learn how to dive at Fisheye Park, the most popular diving spot in Guam. For a more authentic experience, book your Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise in Guam with Hotel Transfer to explore the Chamorro culture and local wildlife.




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You and your girl pals may get tempted to go shopping in Harajuku or view Mount Fuji when in Japan, but if you want more adventures, you can discover the gifts of the tropics to Japan in Okinawa. Your journey to Okinawa can start by admiring the magical kingdom of marine creatures at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and the beauty of tropical plants and orchids at the Tropical Dream Center. Book your tour here. Your bride-to-be will also appreciate the breathtaking views of Okinawa’s Miyako Island. Book your island experience with KKday to enjoy water sports such as slow diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking.




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When it comes to beaches, you and your girlfriends are guaranteed to have fun on the gorgeous sands and waters of Australia. See the crystal clear waters and rainforests of Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, on a two-day tour. Snorkel in tropical waters and experience sand tobogganing on Moreton Island.



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