Great Destinations For The Ultimate Bachelor Party

Bachelor party. Buck’s night. Stag weekend. It may have various names around the world, but everyone knows it’s one fun way of celebrating the groom-to-be. There are so many ways to go about planning a bachelor party, and with travel being so easy—and relatively affordable—it’s a good idea to turn that bachelor party into a destination getaway.

Whether you’re a groomsman planning a fun night or weekend for your soon-to-be-married buddy or a groom looking for ideas to send to your bachelor party planner, there are lots of options to choose from for that bachelor party destination. Here are some of the top bachelor party cities to consider this 2020.



Cartagena, Colombia

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Cartagena has been hailed as one of the best cities for bachelor parties in recent years. From cheap accommodations and food to a buzzing nightlife, this city should be your top choice if you’re planning a bachelor party that will keep you up all night. Plus the historical architecture makes for a great background for group photos.



Phuket, Thailand

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A fun spot for all kinds of parties in Southeast Asia, Phuket is another city to add to your list if you’re into clubbing and dancing with your friends. But that’s not all it has to offer. Phuket is also full of scenic beaches and clear waters for anyone who wants to party by the sea. And with its rise as a popular bachelor party destination, services like party yachts and floating bars are available for groups to rent.



Bali, Indonesia

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Can’t get enough of beachside excitement? Book a trip to Bali for the party. Enjoy swimming in the ocean, lounging on a yacht, and sharing drinks as you watch the sunset. It’s also an ideal location if you and your pals enjoy more adventurous activities like rafting over rapids or driving ATVs through the jungle. Plus Bali is a great place to enjoy Indonesia’s flavorful cuisine.



Taupo, New Zealand

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For groups that love to experience the outdoors, take your bachelor party to the town of Taupo. Located next to a volcanic crater lake, this town offers adventurous tourists all kinds of activities like bungee jumping and a variety of watersports. If you want to splurge, take a helicopter tour of the area with your friends. The natural sights and beauty of New Zealand is a worthwhile highlight.



Quebec, Canada

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Experience a cool bachelor party adventure in Quebec. While its largest city, Montreal, can provide incredible nightlife and all sorts of urban fun, the province itself is the perfect place to experience the Canadian wilderness and all the adventures it has to offer—especially if you plan for a winter party. Take the groom’s party out for a dog sledding experience or challenge each other on an ice fishing contest.



Reykjavik, Iceland

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Another northern destination, Reykjavik offers both excitement and relaxation. Book your bachelor party for a time spent at one of Iceland’s incredible hot springs. Go out and see the Icelandic sights full of spectacular mountains as you go on a hiking tour with your closest friends. 



Dublin, Ireland

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If you and your friends aren’t too keen on being outdoors or partying all night, head to Dublin and see a city full of culture and pubs. See the city’s historic buildings, learn about its literary heritage, and best of all, sample Irish whiskey and beer. When you plan a bachelor party in Dublin, be sure you don’t miss out on the amazing pub crawls the city has to offer.



Asheville, USA

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For an American bachelor party, don’t head to the usual cities like Vegas or Miami. Instead, book a flight to Asheville, North Carolina. This mountain city may not seem like a party haven, but it’s chock full of stuff to do and places to see. A growing hub of art, culture, and food, Asheville is the place to go if the groom and his friends enjoy delicious meals and great drinks. And with its location in the mountains, there are a number of hiking trails and outdoor experiences to fill that bachelor weekend schedule.



Once you pick out your bachelor party destination, be sure to read up KKday’s guide to traveling with friends to make the most of this exciting experience before your buddy gets married.



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