Fun First Date Ideas In Singapore

A city as busy as Singapore is full of all kinds of fun and memorable activities for couples out for a night of romance. But if it’s your first date, it should be even more special to guarantee a great start to your relationship. Still, each first date should be unique and should suit each couple’s interests and situation. Are you starting out with someone you’ve met recently? Or is it a first date with someone who’s been your friend for a long time? Whatever the case, the Lion City has something to offer for couples going on their first date. Have a look at some of our suggestions for your first step into romance.



Take A Sip By The Bar

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Going to a bar on a first date might sound so overdone, but there’s a reason why it’s a good place to go to. You can learn a lot about your date based on what they order and the location provides a wonderful opportunity to just sit down and chat. But go the extra mile and find a cool bar like Operation Dagger in Tanjong Pagar.

Located in an alley with unreadable symbols marking its entrance, Operation Dagger is a basement bar that’s already gained a reputation for being one of the best bars in the world. The menu changes from time to time and features all sorts of unique cocktails. You and your date can enjoy tasting the creative drink choices while snacking on delicious bar food as you talk through the night. 

Operation Dagger
7 Ann Siang Hill, #B1-01, Singapore 069791
+65 6438 4057



Eat, eat, and… Eat!!!

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Dinner is often a good idea for a first date. Singapore is famous for its hawker food scene. So why not combine the two together? Going out for dinner at a hawker center might not sound super romantic—and let’s face it, it’s definitely not a quiet, intimate atmosphere—but it’s certainly fun and entertaining. If you have a favorite hawker spot, suggest it and let your date try your favorite dishes. And be sure to switch it around and see how you like the foods your date enjoys.

If you don’t have a favorite hawker center, no problem! Head to a popular one like Maxwell Food Centre in Chinatown and try all kinds of dishes together. Go during off-peak hours so you can find a table, or suggest heading to Pearl’s Hill to enjoy an evening walk after your meal.

Maxwell Food Centre
1 Kadayanallur St., Singapore 069184



Tee Off Together

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Are you looking for something beyond dinner and drinks? Take your date to Holey Moley and play some mini-golf together. It might sound like something for kids, but Holey Moley was created with adults in mind. There’s a bar and a restaurant inside the premises and the decor will take you back to your own childhood.

Some people might feel a bit awkward going on a first date on their own, so mini golf is also a great chance to bring a group to break the ice or invite another couple for a double date. Plus there’s still plenty of chances to spend time with just your date as you complete courses together.

Holey Moley
Official Website
3B River Valley Rd., Singapore 179024
+65 800 492 2410


Take A Walk Through Haji Lane

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Art and creative ideas are great conversation starters, and there’s something fun about exploring shops and cafes together with someone you want to spend time with. For those who love going to cool places and discovering new things, a stroll through Haji Lane will definitely make for an enjoyable first date.

Visit the creative shops that line the street and point out interesting things you find. If the date’s going well, you can even suggest getting souvenirs for each other to remind you of your trip to Haji Lane. When you get tired, stop by one of the many amazing restaurants and cafes and continue getting to know each other over coffee or snacks.

Haji Lane
Kampong Glam
MRT: 500 meters from Bugis Station



Catch A Movie

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Watching a movie together is a traditional first date move. But you can make it more fun when you invite your date to an outdoor movie. Enjoy the relaxed setting of sitting in an open space and watching a film beneath the sky. Films change every week, though, so be sure to check schedules before you plan your date. Movies by the Beach in Sentosa screens on weekends and holidays while Peroni Sunset Cinema takes place in May.


Movies by the Beach
Official Website
Palawan Green, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099981

Peroni Sunset Cinema
Official Website
120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Singapore 098942



These are just some of the fun and exciting first dates you can do in Singapore. Check out KKday’s Singapore experiences and plan out your first romantic evening with that special someone.



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