#CoupleGoals: Cutesy Couple Stuff You And Your SO Can Do In South Korea

With captivating natural sceneries and a penchant for inventive activities, South Korea is a wonderful destination for a romantic vacation. In this country, a date can be so much more than dinner and a movie. From erotic museums to sailing escapades, spice up your romance with these cute couple activities and let love flourish in beautiful Korea!



Stroll Through Picturesque Nami Island

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Head for a fun tour of Nami Island, one of the most popular spots for couples in love in South Korea. Scenic, serene, and easily accessible, the island getaway is a wonderful destination for duos who want to spend a day away by themselves. Take a tranquil bike ride, tour K-drama filming locations, and even get a taste of European romance in Petite France!



Sail Away on a Private Yacht 

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Hop aboard the luxury yacht Grandebleu and whisk your partner away for a romantic date at sea off the southern coast of Jeju Island. It’s a unique experience that lets couples spend private time together enjoying ocean views, sipping wine or beer, and watching out for playful bottlenose dolphins. Book a sailing trip on the Grandebleu via KKday.



Explore Seoul’s Love Museum

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A day at an erotic museum may not be everyone’s idea of romance, but for adventurous, artistic, and risqué couples, it’s an interesting and worthwhile experience. Love Museum in Seoul features six themed galleries with sensual paintings, sculptures, 3D artworks, and activities like pole dancing.

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Get Pampered Together in a Spa

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Why not spend a relaxing few hours with your loved one at a spa? Try a healing spa treatment at Aquafield Goyang Jjimjil Spa and Sauna in Seoul with an exclusive KKday package. Soothe the mind, body, and spirit with high-end facilities such as the Cloud Room steam area, Outdoor Footbath with stunning views of the Han River, and Rooftop Pool.



Craft Rings for Each Other At Ring University 

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Rings have long been a symbol of love and commitment, and it’s even more special when the rings are handmade. Couples can attend a ring making class at Ring University in Myeongdong or Hongdae to learn how to make, refine, engrave, and embellish silver rings for each other. At the end of your vacation, you’ll get to take home a lasting memento of your romantic time in Korea!



Hop on a Moonlit River Cruise Along Han River

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Spend a dreamy evening on a romantic cruise along Han River in Seoul for a perfect night together. From a delicious buffet feast to live jazz music to fireworks to end the night with a bang, the Han River Eland Cruise has everything to make it a truly unforgettable experience. It’s also a wonderful way to see Seoul’s famous sights from a new perspective, such as the N Seoul Tower and the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain show.



Enjoy Striking Views on an ‘Air Cruise’ Over Busan 

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Not a fan of boats or yachts? Witness the beauty of Busan’s coast from the air on a memorable cable car ride that gives couples the opportunity to gaze at breathtaking scenery from the sky. The Songdo Marine Cable Car takes tourists along the length of the Yeongdo coastline with views of rock formations, rugged cliffs, and glittering city lights. 

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Wander Picture-Perfect Strawberry Gardens

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A stroll through strawberry gardens almost sounds like something straight out of a movie, but you and your significant other can bring this romantic experience to life in Korea if you visit during the cooler months of the year. Walk hand in hand through the pretty farms and pick strawberries to eat and bring home. 

Book the KKday’s Pocheon Day Tour in winter to explore a strawberry farm as well as see famous K-drama shooting locations and join a wine tasting session in a romantic day outdoors.



Pose for Couple Pictures in a Professional Photoshoot 

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Make sure you’ll remember your romantic Korean getaway forever with a professional photoshoot with your loved one. Set up your photoshoot in picturesque Jeju via KKday, taking advantage of the stunning natural vistas and posing for sweet pictures with your significant other.



Tie the Knot in a Korean Traditional Wedding Ceremony

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Of course, the ultimate couple activity a pair can do in Korea is a wedding! And if you’ve already chosen Korea as the setting for tying the knot, why not opt for a traditional Korean wedding ceremony at Jeju Island? Put on a classic hanbok, invite family and friends, and celebrate the start of married life with a delightfully unique ceremony.


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