Visiting Legoland Malaysia in 2020: How to Make the Best of Your Visit

Legoland Malaysia is a constant favorite of families exploring Malaysia. There’s no reason to not be excited about spectacular rides and shows but planning a trip to Malaysia’s first international theme park with kids can be overwhelming. 

Located in Johor, Baru, Legoland boasts over 70 rides, slides, and attractions for children of all ages. What are the latest attractions? How do you make the most of your visit? Here’s our special guide to visiting Legoland Malaysia in 2020.


Rides in Legoland Malaysia

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What kind of adventure are you looking for? If it is your first time in Legoland Malaysia, knowing the types of rides that your family will enjoy can help you save time and create a fun-filled experience for everyone.

If you want something not too terrifying but still exciting, there are rides designed for you. Lost Kingdom Adventure is an indoor ride that will allow you to go laser-blasting as you explore ancient ruins and search for stolen treasure. Bring your family to the Observation Deck of the Observation Tower if you want to a 360-degree view of the entire park. 

Try driving special LEGO® cars at the Driving School, where kids six to 13 years old will discover road safety and driving tips and learn about traffic lights and parking techniques. These young drivers will also receive their own “driving license” at the end of the session. Have a fun train ride on LEGOLAND® Express at DUPLO® Playtown. 


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If rollercoasters are not for you, you can still experience the excitement of riding one at The Great LEGO Race! With its virtual reality (VR) technology, you and your kids can get the action from all directions–upward, downward, and the twists and turns. 

Do you love water adventures? A day won’t even be enough to try all the water rides in Legoland Malaysia. At the Boating School, you will learn how to navigate battery-powered LEGO® themed boats through calm waters. Spin and smash against waves on Aquazone Wave Racers. Step inside a tube at Brick Blaster and get ready to sway and slide down the tunnels of splashing water. 

After going through a tunnel filled with animated LEGO® dinosaurs on a log boat, expect a huge splash at the end of the journey. Kids six years old and under will enjoy the water playground with slides at DUPLO® Splash Safari and interactive DUPLO creatures.


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Another water-based playground that will delight families is the Joker Soaker. It features interactive play areas on multiple levels and slides as well as a massive splash from the 300-gallon bucket. At LEGO® Slide Racers Slide, you and your family can race on a mat and skid on the tall, wide slide.

If you’re looking for a higher, wetter, and more exhilarating water ride, then Wave Rider is for you. Glide through a 240-feet high open body slide tunnel and catch waves till you reach the end!

At Beetle Bounce, you will hop on a scarab beetle ride and be hurled into the air at 15 feet. Prepare for the thrills and screams as you ride the rollercoaster at Dragon’s Apprentice. Experience a rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns at The Dragon. 



Attractions in Legoland Malaysia

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Marvel at the Lego Replicas of Asian landmarks in Miniland. Currently, it features Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Bolinao (Philippines), Brunei, Hoi An (Vietnam), Johor Majestic Place, Kuala Lumpur, Karaweik Hall (Malaysia), Pura Tanah Lot (Indonesia), Taj Mahal (India), The Forbidden City and Great Wall (China), and Wat Arun (Thailand).

You and your kids can participate at the educational workshops and LEGO® building zones at the LEGO® Academy or watch LEGO Ninjago at the LEGO® City Stage, complete with puppetry, 4D special effects, theatrical performance, and interactivity.


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The latest attraction in Legoland Malaysia is the SEA LIFE Malaysia. This underwater world experience features 11 themed zones. Your family will be fascinated by unique sea species. You will come across seahorses, stingrays, jellies, sharks and more. There is also a gigantic ocean tunnel and a display of coral reef.



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