Must-Visit Islands In South Korea During The Cold Months

During winter, South Korea freezes in the biting cold, but some of the peninsula’s islands offer a respite albeit the dipping temperatures. From quaint fishing villages to dreamy coasts, here are five islands you should visit in South Korea in winter:



Jeju Island

Juju Island in Winter with Snow Capped Mountains
via Fenlin on Shutterstock

Jeju Island is a beauty all year round but in winter, it just gets extra-magical. The famous holiday destination enjoys some snowfall, blanketing certain areas in white. If you love playing in the snow, an attraction you shouldn’t miss is the white-capped Hallasan Mountain, which is otherwise lush for the rest of the year. 

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Cheongsan-do landscape
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Known as Asia’s first Slow City, Cheongsan-do has its own pace when it comes to living things up. This picturesque fishing town is known for its beautiful scenery with terraced rice paddies as some of its biggest draws. Come spring, the island flushes in yellow as rapeseed flowers come into full bloom. 




Yukji-do islands
via Tongyeong City Official Website

With its proximity to Busan, this island emerged as a popular staycation destination for people wanting to escape the hustles and bustles of the city. Yukji-do offers not just calming views of the sea but also delicious regional delights like grilled sweet potatoes. Word is, this island grows the best sweet potatoes in the country!




soan-do island
via Wando County Official Website

This island has quite a storied past. It was here where the fierce anti-Japanese movement during the dark ages of the Japanese invasion was carried out, creating 88 patriots over the period. Today, it is known for its evergreen forests, making it an ideal hiking destination. Foodies will also love indulging in Soan-do’s specialties like dishes with laver, abalone, and sea mustard. 



Nami Island

Nami Island in Winter
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Easily accessible from Seoul, Nami Island in Gyeonggi Province offers a quick, close-to-nature getaway for urbanites and visitors staying in Seoul for the duration of their trip. The changing of seasons is a wonder to witness here, and it’s beautiful at any time of the year. In winter, though, it draws more crowds, as the classic K-drama “Winter Sonata” filmed some of its most iconic scenes on the island. 

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*Featured image from Jack Park on Shutterstock