Coronavirus Watch: Countries and Airlines Restricting Travel To China

With the World Health Organization declaring the recent outbreak of the coronavirus an international emergency, nations have been taking dramatic measures to contain and prevent the spreading of the virus. These include restricting travel by closing borders and canceling flights to and from China. 

Here are the latest updates on territories and airlines that have imposed travel restrictions on China and its surrounding territories:



Restricted: Anyone arriving from mainland China, except for Australian citizens, residents or their families, and aircrew.

Warning: Any travel to mainland China

Suspended: Qantas Airways Ltd. flights to mainland China from Feb. 9



Warning: Non-essential travel to China

Suspended: Air Canada flights to Beijing and Shanghai until Feb 29



Suspended: Egypt Air connecting flights to Hangzhou, Beijing, and Guangzhou



Canceled: Finnair flights to and from mainland China from Feb. 6-29 



Warning: Any travel to China

Flights: To exit China until Feb. 9



Suspended: Lufthansa flights until Feb. 9


Hong Kong

Restricted: Residents of Hubei province

Flights: Cathay Pacific to cut capacity of flights to China by 50% or more through March



Restricted: Flights to and from mainland China from Feb. 3; travelers coming from mainland China in recent weeks

Suspended: Free visa and visa-on-arrival services for Chinese citizens living in the mainland

Warning: Any travel to mainland China

Flights: Ban on foreign airline flying from China, including for transit



Restricted: Chinese passport holders and China residents who have electronic visas

Suspended: Air India and IndiGo flights between select Indian cities and China



Restricted: All foreign nationals coming from China

Suspended: El Al flights to Beijing until Mar. 25



Suspended: All flights from China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan until Apr. 28



Restricted: Persons showing symptoms of the coronavirus

Warning: All travel to China



Suspended: Kenya Airways flights to and from Guangzhou until further notice



Restricted: Mongolia-China border closed until Mar. 2



Suspended: Royal Air Maroc flights to China until Feb. 29



Suspended: Issuance of visa-on-arrival for all visitors from China


New Zealand

Restricted: Foreigners traveling from mainland China; ban to last for up to 14 days

Warning: Any travel to mainland China

Flights: Air New Zealand flights to cut Shanghai service from daily to four times a week from Feb. 18 to Mar. 31


The Netherlands

Suspended: KLM flights to select Chinese cities; reduced number of weekly flights to Shanghai


North Korea

Restricted: North Korea borders closed to visitors from China



Suspended: All flights between Oman and China



Canceled: Flights to Wuhan and Hubei


The Philippines

Restricted: Visitors from China, Hong Kong, and Macau

Warning: Any travel to China, Hong Kong, and Macau



Suspended: Qatar Airways flights to China until further notice



Restricted: Closed borders to mainland China

Suspended: Visa-free tourist travel to China; the processing of documents for Chinese nationals seeking employment in Russia



Suspended: RwandAir flights to and from China until further notice



Restricted: Entry and transit of people who have traveled to mainland China in the past 14 days

Suspended: Tourist visas of China citizens, including those already issued

Flights: Singapore Airlines and SilkAir to reduce the frequency of service to mainland China in February


South Korea

Restricted: Foreigners who have visited or stayed in Hubei within 14 days of entering

Warning: Any travel to China

Suspended: Visa-free entry for Chinese tourists to Jeju Island until further notice; Korean Air flights to Wuhan until Feb. 22, reduced services on other mainland China routes; Air Seoul flights between Incheon and Zhangjiajie and Linyi until further notice



Suspended: Iberia Airways flights to Shanghai through February



Restricted: Residents of Hubei and southern Guangdong province

Suspended: Mandarin Airlines flights from Taiwan to Wuhan until the end of February



Flights: Air Tanzania has postponed its maiden February flights to China via Dar es Salaam



Suspended: Turkish Airlines flights to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Xi’an until Feb. 9


The United Kingdom

Flights: British Airways to stop daily routes to Beijing and Shanghai; Virgin Atlantic has ceased flights to Shanghai for 14 days from Feb. 1


The United States of America

Restricted: Foreigners who have visited China and pose a risk of spreading the illness, unless they are immediate relatives of U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Warning: Any travel to China

Suspended: Delta Air Lines Inc. and American Airlines Group Inc. flights to China until the end of April; United Airlines to suspend service to Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu from Feb. 6



Restriction: Chinese workers and foreign worker traveling through Chinese regions affected by the outbreak



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*Featured image from B.Zhou on Shutterstock