Fukuoka In Spring: Where To Go and What To Do

Japan is a travel destination for all seasons, but many people fall in love with the country in spring. One of the beautiful places to visit during the season is Fukuoka Prefecture when the lush natural environment comes alive in full color. Here are just some of the things to do in Fukuoka in spring.



Go On A Yanagawa River Cruise 

Yanagawa River Cruise
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The sunny, breezy Fukuoka weather in springtime makes it the perfect time to sightsee in cities like Yanagawa, which is known as Kyushu Island’s own version of Venice. Tranquil canals wind through the picturesque city with wooden boats drifting through all hours of the day.  

Hop on one of these riverboats to spot the many different heritage sites and natural attractions in Yanagawa. Charming boatmen take you on a journey around the city, even providing pleasant tunes to the passengers to make the ride more enjoyable.

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Go Surfing in Itoshima 

Surfing in Itoshima
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Found along the coast, Fukuoka Prefecture is blessed with an extensive collection of heavenly beaches. A handful are great surf spots as well, mostly mellow beach breaks that offer fun swells.

For one, Futamigaura in the city of Itoshima gets excellent waves, especially on windy days, while the smaller, gentler waves of Nogita Beach in the same city are great for beginners. After surfing, try and hit a few other tourist spots in scenic Itoshima, such as Keya No Oto Cave, Shiraito no Taki Falls, and the palm tree swing. 

The best time to catch waves in Fukuoka is the period from autumn to spring with the surf conditions in summer not usually very good. Some of the other good surf spots in the prefecture include Mitoma Beach in Higashiku and Fukuma Beach in Fukutsu.



Admire the Cherry Blossoms Around Kokura Castle 

Cherry blossom at Kokura Castle
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Cherry blossoms in Japan are iconic, drawing hordes of tourists from all over the world every year during spring. There are many great places to see cherry blossoms in Fukuoka and among the best spots is Kokura Castle, the last castle standing in the entire prefecture. Hundreds of cherry trees create a magical atmosphere in the expansive grounds surrounding the castle.  

In 2020, the first bloom on Fukuoka is expected to be on March 23. Other spots in the prefecture where travelers can see cherry blossoms are Fukuoka Castle and Nishi Park.

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Marvel at Tulips in Nogata

Tulips in Nogata
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Spring blooms are definitely a major tourist attraction in Japan and Fukuoka is an extraordinary place to see vibrant fields of tulips in bloom. Every season, around 130,000 tulips bloom in the Ongagawa Riverside Park in Nogata. Rare tulip species in the world are found here with the landscape bursting in bright colors in spring and about 200,000 tourists making the trip to witness the sight annually.



Pick Strawberries at Local Farms

Japanese strawberries
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Most people know that Tochigi Prefecture is the country’s leading producer of strawberries, but Fukuoka takes second place. There are a wide variety of strawberries found in Fukuoka, making strawberry picking a wonderful activity between December and May.

 Head to the Strawberry Fields Chikushino Strawberry Farm in the city of Chikushino, the biggest strawberry farm on the island and a popular one for strawberry picking. Other great farms across Fukuoka include Akasya Ichigo Farm and Fukuoka Berry Farm.



Hit the Trails at Aburayama Forest Park

Aburayama Forest Park waterfall
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The spectacular natural scenery of Aburayama Forest Park is one of Fukuoka’s greatest gems. The mountain escape is found within the city of Fukuoka, making it an accessible getaway for tourists.

Hiking one of the many trails throughout the park is a must for outdoor lovers, especially in spring when the air is fresh and wildflowers are in bloom everywhere. Set off on a leisurely trek to see the natural attractions in the park, such as the suspension bridge and Shiranami Falls.



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*Featured image via Mny-Jhee on Shutterstock