A Day In Villa Escudero: Fun Things To Do

Located in Tiaong, Quezon, Villa Escudero has become an all-time favorite vacation spot in the Philippines, not just during the dry season but all-year-round. Because the resort has become a household name, most people who haven’t been there would think that it’s just like any other resort in the country.

It’s not.

There is always something new to discover in the resort itself. After all, it’s rare that you find a resort amidst a rustic setting and gives you everything Filipino.

Other than swimming, Villa Escudero has more than enough activity to cater to diverse inclinations of both locals and tourists alike.

Even if you’ve been to the resort several times or your first time to visit it, we’re here to refresh your memory and show you some of the cool things you can do for a day in Villa Escudero.


A Look-Back

Villa Escudero used to be a sugarcane plantation before it became a coconut plantation we all are familiar with at present. 

It was Don Arsenio Escudero, an agro-industrialist, who built a hydro-electric plant for the coconut plantation and the villa as well.

Villa Escudero opened itself to the public in 1981 as a premier resort that showcases the Filipinos’ rich cultural heritage and cuisine.

Here are some fun things you can do in a day at the resort:



Paddle a Bamboo Raft  

Bamboo Raft in the lake
via Kim David on Shutterstock

It’s not like you get to ride a bamboo raft every day if you live in the city, right? Now you can experience steering your own raft as you drift your way on Labasin Lake. 

You can also fish if you want to. Whatever activity you choose to do on the lake or by the lake, you get a great view of Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal.

Swimming is not allowed, though, as the lake is 30 feet deep.


Eat Lunch by the Labasin Waterfall

Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant
PixHound on Shutterstock

The Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant is one of the main attractions of Villa Escudero, simply because it allows guests to dine al fresco by the Labasin Waterfall

Eat your way through a buffet of local gastronomic delights while you’re soaked calf-deep in the waters of Labasin Waterfall. And don’t bother asking for utensils as food is best enjoyed kamayan style (to eat with your hands).

The Labasin Waterfall had been initially built to supply water for the Escuderos’ coconut plantation before it became a hydroelectric power plant that supplies electricity within its locality.    



Watch a Cultural Show

Cultural dance performance at Villa Escudero
via Villa Escudero

What better way to showcase Philippine talent and culture other than to watch dance performances at Villa Escudero?

If you’re staying the night at Villa Escudero on a weekend or on a special holiday, you can catch cultural shows of Filipino tribal and traditional dances from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao under the choreography of National Artist Ramon Obusan.

Anyone would delight in watching the dancers balance oil lamps on their heads and hands in pandanggo sa ilaw and marvel at the quick footwork of dancers as they skip between bamboo poles in Tinikling



Visit the Heritage Museum

Escudero Private Museum
via Villa Escudero

History junkies and antique collectors would definitely enjoy a trip to the Escudero Private Museum.

The museum houses an extensive private collection of antiques and religious artifacts like life-sized saints, gold carrozas, altars, and retablos—all done in Rococo style.



Tour Around the Place 

Carabao ride in Villa Escudero
via PixHound on Shutterstock

Explore Villa Escudero more by taking a carabao ride for that very-Filipino touch. Or, reach more places and tour the place in your own terms on a bicycle. You may also take a BTLB vintage bus.

Now, you won’t really be saddled on a carabao. Rather, a carabao will pull a cart with wheels. A more modern take on this is the BTLB vintage bus which is like a coach that can also take you around.

However, if you love going on a solo flight, we suggest that you rent a bike for you to take in independently all the beauty the place has to offer.  



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*Featured image from PixHound on Shutterstock