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5 Things To Bring In Your Carry-On That Will Help You Get A Good Sleep On A Plane

Nothing is more dreadful than a long-haul flight, where you are stuck for hours in a chair and moving in a limited space. If you have watched movies and read books already, the next thing to do is get some good sleep, but here’s the thing: Sleeping on planes can be a pain. The good news is there are products that can help you achieve comfort when you catch forty winks on a plane before reaching your destination—be it Cancun or Tokyo.



Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise cancellation headphones in flight
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You won’t be able to control the external noises around you when on a plane, such as children crying or laughing, chatting passengers, rolling carts, or even the simplest movements. To drown out these sounds, use noise-canceling headphones. Find a pair with good battery life and comfortable ear pads so your ears won’t hurt.



Eye Mask

Eye mask for sleeping
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A study, published in Critical Care, affirms that aside from earplugs, eye masks can promote sleep and hormone balance. Researchers revealed that those who are exposed to noise and light experience poor sleep quality, light sleep, and longer rapid eye movement latency. The best eye masks jetsetters can use should be soft enough to let your face breathe easily and strong enough to block out light. 




scarf for long haul flights
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A scarf is the best sleep aid and also the most versatile item you can bring to help you get a good sleep on a plane. A scarf can serve as your blanket, a pillow when folded, or an alternative to a hoodie especially when you do not want the cold to linger on your head.  Remember that a scarf is not only functional; it is easy to carry and lightweight. 



Neck Pillow

neck pillow for cushion
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Neck cramp and headache are inevitable when traveling especially with the limited movement of your neck and the rest of your body. You can bring a travel neck pillow with you for support and comfort. You can choose between full circle neck pillows or u-shaped neck pillows. Some pillows even have chin support. 



Compression Socks

compression socks for the long flight
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Compression socks will help relax your feet and legs. These can also reduce leg swelling, poor blood circulation, and discomfort in general. Sometimes, these socks are combined with shea butter, rosehip oils, apricot kernel, retinol, and vitamin E.  



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