How To Have An Awesome Winter in Japan

Winter in Japan is a magical time. Some even say that it’s the best time to go to Japan with less crowded tourist spots and the frosty landscape offering providing a picturesque backdrop. Unlike other countries where winter turns the land into a desolate place, the snow transforms Japan into a spectacular haven for both relaxation and adventure.

Make the most of your winter travels by discovering new and unique things to do in Japan during the season.



Meet Snow Monkeys 

snow monkeys or macaques in Jigokundani Snow Monkey Park
via Andrew Tan on Pixabay 

Head to the Jigokundani Snow Monkey Park, where dozens of snow monkeys or macaques are often seen bathing in the natural hot spring during wintertime. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to witness the adorable monkeys playing by the steaming hot waters with the snowy white landscape in the background. 

Combine a trip to Jigokudani with a stop at other natural attractions like Lake Toya and Lake Shikotsu in a day tour from Hokkaido via KKday.



Get A Glimpse Of Mt. Fuji 

snow capped Mount Fuji
via sayama on Pixabay

Among the many places to visit in Japan, there’s nothing more famous than the country’s iconic Mt. Fuji. It’s a must-see for every traveler and the most ideal time to witness the peak’s awe-inspiring beauty is winter when visibility is best. 

Make the most of your vacation and get the Mt. Fuji Pass for access to the railway and admission to several tourist attractions.  



Soak In A Soothing Onsen

Ginzan Onsen
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One of the best things to do in Japan is to soak in an onsen or hot spring. It’s an activity practiced by the Japanese all-year-round, but it’s especially soothing in winter to warm up in the biting cold weather and surrounded by the picturesque frozen landscape. 

There are plenty of onsen destinations across the country, but ancient hot spring town Ginzan Onsen is a particularly beautiful area to spend winter. Book a trip to this picturesque village via KKday.



Hit The Slopes

Skiing in Hokkaido or in Honshū
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Snow in Japan signals the beginning of ski season. Winter athletes usually make their way to one of two renowned ski destinations in Japan, either in Hokkaido or the Japanese Alps in Honshū. Whether you’re an experienced skier or a beginner just learning to navigate the powder, skiing in Japan is a must on a winter vacation. 

Get acquainted with the slopes with private ski lessons in world-class Niseko, one of the best places to ski in Japan.



Discover Snow Monsters In Zao

Snow monsters, also known as “juhyou,” in Mt Zao
via 8ware on Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0) 

In the cold of the Japan winter, snow monsters emerge. Snow monsters, also known as “juhyou,” are massive trees completely covered by thick layers of snow and ice, towering that over the landscape like ancient giants. There are only a few places where you can spot the amazing phenomenon, one of which is Mt. Zao.

Embark on a trip to Zao, Miyagi via KKday to hunt for snow monsters during your vacation.



Explore the Japanese Alps 

historic village of Shirakawago
via pen_ash on Pixabay

A trip to Japan in wintertime is not complete without a stop at the Japanese Alps, a picture-perfect winter wonderland. Visit the historic village of Shirakawago, where traditional thatched-roofed houses are a charming sight against the vast icy landscape.

It’s quite remote from Nagoya, so it’s best to book a day tour to Shirakawago and Hida Takayama via KKday.



Admire The Striking Blue Pond

Hokkaido Blue Pond
via KKday Supplier 

Head to Biei, Hokkaido to witness the eerie beauty of the Blue Pond, which is a lagoon hidden in the forests near Biei that’s a bright, surreal shade of blue. It’s a man-made pond created when waters filled the excavations made to prevent lava from volcanic eruptions from reaching town. While it’s a stunning sight all-year-round, the Blue Pond is especially beautiful in winter with the striking blue a stark contrast to the white snow. 

Join KKday’s Hokkaido Winter Day Tour to see the Blue Pond as well as other attractions in the area like Shirahige Falls and Asahiyama Zoo.



Hop On Thrilling Rides At Fuji-Q

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A day at an amusement park may not seem like the ideal activity in the cold of winter, but Fuji-Q at the foot of majestic Mt. Fuji is an exception. With plenty of thrilling rides and the famous mountain providing a postcard-worthy backdrop, Fuji-Q is a great stop for families visiting Japan. Book a Fuji-Q ticket with KKday now!



Experience Special Winter Events 

Sapporo Snow Festival
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 Wintertime in Japan paves the way to many special winter occasions, such as snow and ice festivals and light-up events. Sapporo Snow Festival is the most famous one among tourists, but there are countless other options for travelers who want something new and lesser-known. For instance, take part in the Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival with a KKday day tour from Sapporo.



Keep Warm With Japanese Cuisine 

Warm Japanese Ramen
via takedahrs on Pixabay

Finally, in the face of Japan winter, find warmth with famous Japanese food. From a delicious bowl of ramen to freshly prepared tasty sukiyaki, there are plenty of delectable choices for foodies to enjoy throughout the country. Eat your way across Tokyo and learn more about the country’s food traditions and history with KKday’s Secret Food Tours Tokyo.



If you’re looking for a new way to explore Japan’s winter landscape, embark on the Sapporo Snowmobile Experience, a trip featuring extraordinary frozen hills and diverse wildlife. 



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