Things To Do At The Massive Starfield COEX Mall In Seoul

A city like Seoul offers so many places to see and things to do for visitors. And one of the best places to experience city life in Seoul is at Starfield COEX Mall. As one of the largest underground malls in Asia, Starfield COEX Mall offers tons of activities for people to enjoy. Consider spending a few hours there to get the most out of your mall visit.



Shop Till You Drop

Shops In COEX Mall Seoul
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Of course, one major highlight of going to a mall is all the shopping you can do. And at Starfield COEX Mall, there are hundreds of stores and stalls to browse. From basic necessities to luxury brands, shoppers can find anything they need within the halls. Even if shopping isn’t your hobby, it’s still fun to look around the shops and see what they have to offer.

When the size of COEX Mall starts to feel too much, hop over to Parnas Mall located under the Grand Intercontinental Hotel. It’s connected directly to COEX so getting there won’t be a challenge. And despite its smaller size, Parnas has dozens of great shops that people will love.



Visit The Aquarium

Aquarium in COEX Mall Seoul
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If you’re traveling with family, it’s a good idea to get COEX Aquarium tickets. With 90 tanks displaying thousands of animals, the COEX Aquarium is one of the largest in the country. Kids will love seeing and learning about the fish, birds, and mammals on display while couples can enjoy a relaxing walk through the aquarium.

Think about checking out the aquarium first before exploring the rest of the mall. It will give you plenty of time to see all the exhibits without carrying shopping bags around.



Go On A Food Trip

Food restaurants in COEX Mall Seoul
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As with many malls, Starfield COEX Mall has all kinds of options available when it comes to food. There are upscale restaurants for special nights out and cozy, casual cafes and food trucks for quick bites. Plus there are a number of other food-related stores where you can go pick up a snack to bring back to your hotel or souvenirs to treat loved ones back home.

Be sure to find your way to the Hyundai Department Store connected to COEX Mall. It has multiple floors for shoppers to explore, but the highlight is the food court located in the basement where you can find all kinds of food available for purchase.



Live The Fan Life

SMTown at COEX
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For K-Pop fans, COEX Mall has the perfect place to get your fix of the K-Pop experience. Visit SMTown at COEX to learn about recording and rehearsal sessions. There’s also a cafe and store where fans can get souvenirs of their favorite SM groups.

Fans can also make the most of their COEX trip by visiting other nearby K-Pop sites. Luckily, COEX is located in Gangnam where K-Pop tours can indulge every fan with tons of K-Pop experiences.

K-Pop fans aren’t the only ones who can indulge in their favorites. COEX Mall is also home to the Marvel Collection Store where Marvel fans can find figures of their favorite heroes. The figures can be pretty pricey depending on the level of detail, but the store is also open for those who simply want to browse.

Speaking of figures, COEX Mall also houses Gundam Base, a store that specializes in all things Gundam. Fans of the series can buy Gunpla kits to build. Whether you’re a beginner starting on your first Gundam figure or an avid collector with advanced building skills, this store is a must-visit on your COEX Mall list.



Indulge In Various Media

COEX Mall’s Megabox
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Film-lovers can enjoy the latest movies at COEX Mall’s Megabox. This cinema multiplex has over 15 theaters with comfortable seats for anyone who feels like watching a movie. Depending on the season, the cinema also hosts film festivals and screens ballet and opera performances.

If you’re looking to take a break and enjoy some quiet, stop by the Starfield Library. Visitors can pick up a book to borrow and read in one of the many reading areas open to the public. Or simply sit down and relax and snap some pictures of the incredible library for your next social media update.


Excited to explore the massive COEX Starfield complex? Let us know which activities you’d love to try first!



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