Why You Should Experience Pyeongchang’s Trout Festival Ice Fishing At Least Once

Winter destinations are almost everywhere in South Korea, but what makes Trout Festival Ice Fishing in Pyeongchang popular? 

Whether you’re new to fishing or an expert looking to put a twist on your routine, ice fishing is a one-of-a-kind winter experience. You will sit on a chair, above a glistening frozen lake, and catch fresh trout from a hole drilled into the ice. 


Pyeongchang Trout Fishing Festival
via Korea Tourism Organization


You can choose from open-ice fishing, tent fishing, and bare-hands fishing. The bare-hand trout fishing is a program held two to three times a day with a maximum of 50 participants per session. Fishing is best done before the sun rises to warm the water.

While waiting for your catch, you’re surrounded by the majestic landscapes of Odaesan Mountain, the excitement radiated by your travel buddies, other tourists, and fishing enthusiasts, as well as the festive atmosphere brought by colorful tents and different activities taking place in every corner. 


Camping for fishing festival
via Korea Tourism Organization


For your fishing equipment, you can purchase a fishing rod and a foldable chair on-site. You can grill your own newly caught fish at the grill center or food court and share the food with your friends and families. You can catch as many as you can throughout the day. 

That’s not all! The whole family can enjoy winter sports and experiences, such as snow sled, Korean traditional sled, snow rafting, bumper cars, skating (while sitting), ice cart, cargo, and ice bicycle. Motor rides and 4×4 river tours are also available for guests.


winter sports with family
via Korea Tourism Organization


The trout festival takes place up in the mountains of Pyeongchang. The unique setting and transparent icy waters make the Odaecheon river ideal for trout farming. Trout are cold-water fish. They swim in groups to shallow depths, replacing fish that used to settle near the surface during summer. The types of trout are Rainbow, Brown, and Brook trout.

Pyeongchang is located in the province of Gangwon-do. To get there, you can take an intercity bus to Jinbu Bus Terminal from the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. You can skip the lines and travel to the venue smoothly by booking a day tour with KKday here. Don’t miss this rare winter experience!



*Featured image via Korea Tourism Organization