A Day in Cingjing Farm and Around

Rediscover the charm of country life by spending a day in Cingjing Farm in Taiwan. While it has become a famous tourist attraction in Nantou County, Cingjing Farm can make you forget time with the unparalleled beauty of its natural surroundings, emerald grassland, flora and fauna. 

If you want to add an authentic local touch to your Taiwan itinerary, spree on a farm adventure in Cingjing Farm. Known as Evergreen Grassland, Cingjing Farm is a massive green pasture against spectacular backdrops of highlands. You can observe central mountain peaks, glowing hills, and valleys of Puli Basin.

The Siyuan Pool, an extension of the alpine pool, is decked with weeping willows on the shore. The pool also features gazebos and stone chairs and accentuated by small bridges. Families can avail camping and rest services in the area too. 

Known as “Foggy Eden,” Cingjing Farm is a four to five-hour trip from Taipei. Use a Taiwan iPass Public Transit Card to easily navigate Taiwan’s public transit, including MRT, railway, and buses.

You can also enjoy convenient shuttle bus transportation from Taipei or Taichung with KKday’s Taiwan Qingjing Farm Day Tour from Taipei/Taichung. Or, simply take a direct day tour from Taichung!



Landscape Trails

Cingjing Farm Landscape
via Cingjing Farm Facebook Page

You can spend a part of your day taking one of the landscape trails in the site where you can view mountains, the skies, and ravishing greeneries and breathe in the fresh air. These trails include Tea Garden Walk, Cherry blossom trail, Great Wall trail, Backgammon Ascent trail, Sunset trail, Mountain View trail, and Cuihu Trail. You can also try the Cingjing Skywalk, a 1.2-kilometer walk going down at an altitude of 1,700-2,000 meters and connects the Cingjing Guest House and Green Green Grassland.

Another major trail is the 487-Step Trail, a mountain-side staircase that will bring you closer to mountain trees and butterflies. You can finish one way in 30 minutes. You can find the staircase between the visitor center and the Guanshan area.



Green Green Grasslands

Sheep grazing in farm
via Cingjing Farm Facebook Page

Animals are the highlights of the farm. Scattered throughout the green fields are white sheep roaming that you can feed and take photos with. Pellet feeds can be purchased from dispenser machines; a single box costs 50 NTD. Meanwhile, the sheep-shearing show, which takes place at the eastern edge of the Green Green Grasslands, showcases a New Zealand-style sheep shearing demonstration, with farm dogs herding sheep. The host commands the shepherd dogs using commands and whistles.


sheep farming
via Cingjing Farm Facebook Page


The Green Green Grasslands are an open pasture ground where you can go near and interact with sheep and cows. You won’t miss the Sheep Castle at the northeast corner of the farm, where you can feed not only the sheep but also other farm animals. 



Horsemanship Show Stage

horseman shop in Cingjing farm
via Cingjing Farm Facebook Page

Aside from taking kids for pony rides, tourists can watch the Horsemanship Show Stage, a circular theatre featuring professional equestrians and acrobats. Held next to the Guanshan Pasture near the south gate of Qingjing Farm, the Horsemanship Show Stage presents horses from different parts of the world, such as the US and the Middle East. You will see exciting movements and have the chance to take photos with the horses.



Mist Plaza

Mist Plaza
via Cingjing Farm Facebook Page

After a long day of exploring the farm and the trails, you can unwind at Mist Plaza. This village area is situated in the south of the Qingjing Farm that houses a tourist center and several attractions. 

One of these attractions is the Small Swiss Garden. The garden is reminiscent of Switzerland’s breathtaking scenery. Tourists will find different plants in the garden, such as green maple, elm, formosana, beech, and deciduous pine. You will come across cute statues, pathways lined with flowers, and a miniature windmill. At night, you will appreciate the LED artificial sunflowers of the garden and lit-up fountains that revivify the night sky. 

The Qingjing Guest House and Carton King shop and restaurant are also in the Mist Plaza along with some convenience stores and a youth service center. If you want more dining options, you can go to the hawker area between the Guanshan Pasture and Green Green Grasslands and near the France Village. At the QingJing Guest House, you can join a Wool DIY Handicraft Workshop and learn about handicraft processes.

Other attractions you can visit in Nantou are the Aowanda Forest Recreation Area, Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area, and Huijung Forest Farm. 



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*Photo from Cingjing Farm Facebook Page