Snacks From Taiwan That Are Perfect For Sharing With The Folks Back Home

Experiencing the local culinary scene is the highlight of any trip to Taiwan. Its food scene can rival that of Singapore’s and Hong Kong’s with its restos serving diverse dishes, hole-in-the-wall eateries, and night markets that are filled with all the delicious food and flavors you could think of. So take home the delightful gastronomic experience and share with your loved ones these unique snacks that would make them have a taste of Taiwan.



Chia Te Bakery Pineapple Cake Gift Pack

Chia Te Bakery Pineapple Cake Gift Pack
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The Chia Te Bakery’s Pineapple Cake tops our list of the best snacks to buy before heading back home. 

Why? For one, there is no other branch of Chia Te Bakery in Taiwan other than the one in Songshan District. So you’ll be taking home something that’s totally unique for your folks back home.

In reality, it’s not a cake at all. It’s more of a shortbread made of a buttery pastry wrap and filled with all the sweet goodness of pineapple. Trust us when we say that it’s a real melt-in-the-mouth kind of experience after your first bite.

Moreover, you’ll be sharing with your friends and relatives a cultural part of Taiwan with the Chia Te pineapple cake. In the past, pineapple cakes were eaten in ceremonies like weddings and engagement parties. This is because pineapple in Hokkien means ‘to be prosperous’. 

So take home not only sweetness but also a good wish of prosperity to your friends and relatives in your home country. 



Kuai Che Pork Paper

Popular Taiwanese Snack Pork Paper
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This delightful snack is a combination of pork, apples, almonds, soy sauce, and sugar. You get that perfect combination of saltiness and sweetness with all the crispness that of a potato chip. 

Kuai Che Pork Paper is a commonplace snack in Taiwan and usually comes in various flavors depending on the vendor selling it. Be on the lookout for this snack when you do a night market walking tour in Taiwan because they sure are aplenty there.



Sugar & Spice Nougat

Best Nougat Spice and Sugar
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While some find nougats annoying to eat because they’re kinda’ tough to chew, Sugar & Spice Nougat makes us think otherwise.

Get the Sugar & Spice Nougat Gift Pack as a classy treat for your folks back home. This company uses only the most natural butter, milk, and fragrances with no added preservatives in making the nougats.

Sure, the nougat’s texture and firmness may change over time on your way back home, but its famous sweetness and taste won’t. Either way, it’s a delicious treat to have especially for those with sweet-tooth.  



Sun Cake

Best Buy snack - Sun Cake
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A beautiful name for a sweet pastry treat that resembles the sun. 

Locally known as Tai Yang Bing, the Sun Cake comes in a flaky kind of crust filled with condensed malt sugar. They’re usually sold in fancy boxes all over Taiwan ready to be given as gifts for anyone back home.

Better yet, why don’t you make your own Sun Cake in a Sun Cake DIY Workshop at the Taiwan Sun Cake Museum. So that when you get back home, you’ll be able to make your very own Sun Cake for your friends and relatives.



Yuki & Love Mango Jelly

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Fruit jellies are a gem in Taiwan, and Yuki & Love is one of the popular brands that make this jelly treat. Infused with all the sweetness and golden yellow hue of mangoes combined with jelly, Yuki & Love Mango Jelly is a sure win to the hearts of your folks back home. Moreover, this snack is Halal-certified.  



For the ultimate foodie experience in Taiwan, head to KKday and eat to your heart’s content like a king. 



*Featured image from Sugar & Spice on Facebook